August 31st, 2004

So this is my life?


Walking down the hall he smiled softly, not even Snape could ruin this mood for him. Everything was brilliant. The colors were bright and the air was clear, fall was starting and still the cold that was starting to chill the castle at night and early morning seemed to only be a small tingle.

The day had started out good, sleeping in was great, Professor Flitwick had allowed them to spend charms outside banishing in the safety of the courtyard. Neville even succeeded once or twice before his first foul up of the day... which reminded him he had to apologize to Jubi for banishing her into jack.
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Still furious from the night before, Zack finally pulled himself out of his room. Walking past his teammates he made his way out of the common room and out to the hallway. "I can't stand this school sometimes" he said angrilly to himself.....
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Blaise sat in the great hall chugging down a large amount of water, stopping every now and again breathing heavily. Little beads of sweat dripped off his face. He had just been running around outside for a long period of time. Who want's a back rub? Oh me, ME, PICK ME. He was starting to see Chloe less and less, he didn't really know what to make of it anymore.
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Put up or shut up

OPEN- Astronomy Tower

Laying in the astronomy tower, She looked out the window and watched the meteor shower. The stars fell and she felt her eyes well up a bit, the whole castle seemed to be laughing at emotions. Feeling alone she closed her eyes and just wished someone would come by.
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Looking for Ernie for the third day in a row, Hannah started to get nervous. The whole avoiding her thing was never one of her favorite games to play. So now worried she searched on neglecting her Prefect duties and looking for him. Please have a reason for being so gone she whispered......
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