August 30th, 2004

So this is my life?


Sometimes I think that the dark cloud is lifting he said to himself with a soft smile. The night sky was black with the beautiful twinkle of the stars made him smile. Neville made his way up to the astronomy tower, his books and charts in hand. School was just better now that he had a purpose.

Wandering up the stairs he climbed the last few and entered the tower.......................
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Open to all

Lavender sat boredly outside. Maybe I could dye my hair again? I'm thinking blonde?Or maybe a dark brown?? She hadn't seen Parvati for awhile,or any of her other friends.
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[For the Lovely Tonks Only]

Mikey sat up on the roof, looking at the stairs, his knees drawn up to his chest. For once, there was nothing romantic about the scene...not art supplies nor flowers nor was just him and the stars and the silence. He had something important, well a few things really, and he didn't want anything to distract from it. Mikey sighed into the silence, hoping she woudl arrive soon, because the silence was starting to weigh on him.
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Open to all...

Laura walked out of the Greenhouse exhausted. Her and Dima had made up last night and everything seemed so much brighter and happier to her. She scanned the grounds by the lake to see if Dima was out by the lake, she didn't see anyone so she decided to head back to the Hufflepuff common room. Her mind began to wander and as she turned a corner she tripped, scowling her began to pick up her books when she heard someone come up behind her.......
it's me!

Open to all...

Parvati sat against a tree finishing up a Charms essay. She bit her lip as she glanced it over, satisfied she put it back in her bag and began to write an owl to her sister. With Padma visiting their parents Parvati felt as if a part of her hear was ripped out, the two fought often but were still connected with a bond that couldn't be broken. She sighed and continued writing........


Glorie was walking down the halls smiling. I'm glad I finally got over the whole Ryan thing. I do need to owl him now that I think about it... Her smile faded some and she lost the will to walk very fast. That didn't last long at all...but you know I think maybe the Lalo thing was just that...a thing. He probably doesn't want to continue a relationship, hell he kissed me on impulse. I've been there before. She wasn't concentrating on walking and tripped her books spilling to the floor. She started picking them up when she noticed someone helping her. She looked up to see...
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If there was one thing Tsuki liked doing as entertainment, it was window dangling. He had found an empty classroom, and taking the opportunity, he had quickly stripped down to his jeans and sweater, sat on the sill, and let the rest of his body from knee up drop over the window. His knees, which were hooked on the window to keep him from falling, slipped a little, but he ignored it.

"Better," he mumbled. Ever since Professor Snape had forbidden him from sleeping in the commonroom, Tsuki had felt sick. Lack of sleep did that to a person. Window dangling was a fun way to get his blood active again.

Despite his best efforts, his knees slipped further when the telltale click of the door signalled that someone had entered. "Oh shit!"
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