August 29th, 2004

Memory fades away


Standing at the quidditch pitch holding his broom he looked around. "DOESNT ANYONE SHOW UP FOR PRACTICE" he said angrilly throwing his broom across the pitch. The whole thing had him so agrivated, he hadnt seen anyone from Hufflepuff except for Mj and Justin lately and he was starting to take it personal.
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((Lalo only))

Glorie was sitting by the lake in her black bikini top and short shorts. She had her head stuck in a new book about potions. Finally I feel more like myself again. Thank god Blaise got to me before I went off the deep end. She was smiling, but hardly even noticed it. I'm usually not so cheerful. Suddenly a boy walked up near her. She watched him for a minute until he finally caught her staring at him. Don't be stupid say something! "Hello."
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Put up or shut up

Open... hopefully to jack but if unanswered open in general

Jubi was officially done playing games with Lalo. She wasn't going to be around him, he hurt her too much. They had not parted on good terms and now she decided it was time to live again.

The sun was warm on her skin as she headed over to Herbology. Her books in her arms she wasn't paying attention when she slammed into somebody else. The books flew everywhere "Oh NO" she said grabbing some papers in mid air. Turning she saw someone helping her with the books......
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So this is my life?


The days seemed better for Neville, everything was brighter then usual and his angsty nervous self was at peace. The whole thing seemed like a swirl and he was excited and anxious to participate.

Potions was darker then usual as he took his usual seat next to his best mates.....
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(Laura only!)

Dima was thourougly upset about the night before. Zach got pissed about no one showing up to Quidditch practice and pretty much quit. Dima had a feeling that the Hufflepuff team would suffer greatly...blowing off his homework, he went out to the lake.
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(no subject)

Memphis was laing on the ground with a pair of swim trunks on. Beads of water dripping off his wet body. Looking up at the sky with a big grin on his face, memories of the other day passing threw his mind.
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(no subject)

Sitting in the library Blaise tried his best to study astronomy. The words seemed to be blurring together. This is so fucking boring. He slapped his face which seemed to work for a little bit, but soon the words were yet again unreadable. Dropping his head onto the book he gowned.

So bored

Anthony walked into the hall, leaving his common room for the first time without caring a book in his hand. He didn't really know what he was going to do with himself. Finding his way outside, he walked to the lake. He took off his robes leaving him in a pair of dark blue swim trunks. Breathing out, he walked into the water. He wasn't a very good swimmer at all, but decided to try it anyway. Your going to drown, dman you MJ. He laughed a little.
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Hiddne ~ l51hawk


The common room was empty, so she decided to go for a walk. Each hallway seemed to be dark and dank, filled with different sents and sounds. It was strange for her to be alone on a day like this, but all of her friends seemed to be busy. Zack wouldn't leave his room, something about no one respecting quidditch or something dumb like that. Ernie all but disappeared and she hadn't seen Judd or Gavin in what felt like ages....
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Dont fuck with me

OPEN - Outside

Professor Tonks is back, and now I have a detention he snarled to himself. Who knew a Demiguise was so ruddy flamable? he thought angrilly hands shoved in his pockets. Sun beating down on his head he headed for the lake.

With each step Jared muttered profanities... just another day at hogwarts...
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On the pitch (Mostly for Draco, but if he doesn't respond it's open ^_^)

She was now under strict orders by Poppy to NOT do anything physical beyond walking to classes. In other words Ginny was utterly bored and a little sad. She was sitting on the grass, against the gate, at the middle line of the field. She liked the way the pitch looked at night, and since she couldn't pratice at the moment, this was the most she was going to see of it for awhile. She sighed and closed her eyes I don't see yah Pomphrey's got such a stick up her ass, really, like a little flying was gonna hurt me... She sighed once more. "Not being able to do anything sucks." She then heard someone over her saying something about going crazy and her not allowed to be out this late. She didn't even bother to open her eyes know who it was, "I'm kinda in a down mood so please keep the bickering to a minimum." She was glad some one was around, but she really didn't feel like fighting tonight.
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