August 28th, 2004


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Mike was pacing circles around the Ravenclaw common room with Tyke always behind him it must have been a funny sight.
He looked at the dog "You want to go outside ? " he just nodded to himself and Left the ravenclaw common room .
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((Esme: Dream 18 and up...It's Blaise's dream and you know what that means.

Blaise kicked off his socks and got into bad for the first time in several days. His eyes closed as he slowly went off to sleep.

He blinked his eyes open finding himself in a black four poster bed. Netting surrounded him, leaving only little specks of light coming in from the outside. He quickly rolled his body over. Spreading the netting apart his eyes automatically snapped shut. It was very bright out, so he sat at the edge of the bed waiting for his eyes to adjust. A huge grin came across his face. I love this dream He steeped onto the sand and made his way to a white gazebo in the middle of the dessert. Five girls waited patiently for him. Each was wearing a long silky black skirt, and a black bikini top. YAY for dreams. All had separate colored hair Pink, dirty blonde, dark blue, black, and brown. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a new girl. His head turned to her quickly.
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Sitting in the common room, Jubi read a Defense Against the Dark Arts book. Her eyes glued to the pages, this was one of the few pleasures she had now. The books her only comfort since the unfortunate fall out with Lalo.

Wisps of hair fell in front of her almond shaped eyes. Jubi pushed them behind her ear and looked up towards the door just as someone entered.
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Standing in front of the class room Snape was scratching directions on to a blackboard. This was a very difficult potion to do, he knew well that few students could make it. Damn little smart-ass kids.