August 26th, 2004

(Blaise only...this is a dream people)

It was late at night and most students had went to their dorms, except for Esme who was sitting on the couch working on an endless pile of assignments. She sighed, and leaned back and staring up at the ceiling trying to concentrate. After a moment, her eyes slowly started to close and she soon was in a deep sleep.

The sky was a dark, dull gray color and there seemed to be a low mist covering the ground as Esme walked slowly across the deserted field she appeared to be in. There was no sound, it had an almost eerie silence to it as she slowly walked, her eyes looking down at the ground. Around the field was a large forest but Esme hardly noticed that as she lifted her head and noticed her attire. She was wearing a tight strapless black dress that went down to her knees. She had no shoes on, as she could feel the cold ground against the bottom of her feet. Suddenly, she had the feeling that she wasn't along and she slowly turned around noticing a male coming towards her, but she couldn't really make out the face as the fog was to heavy for her to really see. The male was almost jogging towards her, so instead of just standing there and watching him, she started to jog towards him trying to make out his face as she ran.
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So this is my life?

Open.... Neville ish bored

Studying alone in the library, Neville smiled as he went over the Herbology books. The library was full of students getting their first assignments started. The new first years were grinning ear to ear as they packed themselves in the stacks of books with out a care in the world. "Nice" he said smiling to himself, his quill moving a mile a minute on the Herbology paper he was doing ontop of the studying.
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He stuffed a pillow case full of his clothes and blankets. Attaching it to a wall he then treated it like a punching bag. It wasn't a very good substitute but he didn't seem to mind. He was getting sexually frustrated and it seemed to be helping him get out some tension. One week no sex...this is a horrible system. Has it been a week?

((Mike and/or Memphis))

Judd had finally been released from the Hospital Wing and before heading back to the Huffle Tower, Judd had to go walk outside. He'd been staring out the window for days, dying to get out side and even though he was still kind of weak, it was worth the tired feeling to feel the sun on his face. He just stood there with his eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the breeze and the sun.


Dancing alone in her room, Hannah hummed to herself a song from the wizard wireless. School was starting and the first years had been every where. Finally she had some time to herself although she really wanted sometime with Ernie she was certain he was busy with prefect duties and the like.

Spinning around and stopping on the last bit of the song she smiled. Dancing always a hobby and one of her favorites. The was a rush of cold and the window flew open stunning her a bit, she went and closed it. When she turned around someone was standing in front of her scaring her senseless.
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((Open, pleeassee anyone I'm so bored))

Glorie was sitting by a tree, still wondering what would happen with Dima. Why do you always have to screw things up? She looked down at a new book her mother owled her. I only want to feel..wanted. She knew that she hadn't been reading as much, just doing the required amount of work to get perfect marks. God, why is everything so damned complicated? Why do I make things worse than they already are? She suddenly noticed someones shadow near her. She looked up to see...
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Put up or shut up


Rain.... Why does it always rain when you are crying? she asked herself as she looked up at the raindrops. Each one beat down on her face making her close her eyes. The drops of rain splashed on her eyelids and slid down to her lips and ears. She just wanted one clear thought, just one.. but it was nothing. Empty.. space is empty she sighed.

Jubi began to spin around in the rain, her zipper black hoodie soaking up the raindrops. She was soon stopped by a hand on her shoulder.....................
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Walking out of potions, a satisfied smirk on his face, Draco walked towards the courtyard. He had accomplished something great, hexing an entire table and creating a giant mess. Getting away with it was the easy part.

Making his way to the courtyard with his bandaged hand, He yawned. Looking around seeing no one he sat under a tree and began to plot some quidditch ideas in a book.
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