August 25th, 2004


Open to anyone

Ever since her return, things have seemingly gone from bad to shitty. She still felt like crap from the 'virus', Draco and her couldn't decide weather to dislike or hate each other, and on top of that she was getting threats from, she could only get, Slytherins and she couldn't say anything about it because rummors spread like wildfire in this place and the last thing she wanted was to be labeled as the girl with the huge crush now on Draco, sworn enemy of Harry Potter. SO all in all, Ginny was very angry. So she decided to pratice since she had benn out of commition for awhile. Once she arrived on the pitch she let the bludger fly and took off on her broom. Right now the bludger was every bad thing in her life and she was going to beat the shot out of it, (I feel sorry for the bludger).
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Hiddne ~ l51hawk


Class was starting up soon, and Hannah found herself really saddened by this. Her mother's condition was worsening and she was worried about that, she only really had Ernie, Zack, Justin and Judd to be friends with. They all seemed so busy in their own little worlds leaving her feeling rather miserable indeed. Taking the opprotunity she wanted to make friends, so she went towards the great hall with an open mind....
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So this is my life?


Having not found Memphis the day before like he had intended, Neville was still looking but seeing as he wasn't able to run on an empty stomach. Neville made his way to the Great Hall. His stomach growled as he walked. "Oi" he said holding his stomach as he entered.
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Open to Jared

She sat on a couch infront of the fire in the slytherin common room tossing flammable objects into the fire bored out of her mind. Things are so boring since school started all people do now is study...So fucking bored. Where's Sparky when yah need him. With that though she sighed, she did miss having him around at times and she hadn't seen him in a few days. I wonder if he's doing better...hmm. Before she could continue that train of thought she felt someone tap her on the shoulder and she looked up and smiled, "Well ain't you a sight for sore eyes." She laughed a little.
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Courtyard - OPEN

Dana decided she was going for a walk in the courtyards. Even though she felt very unappreciated at the moment, she wasn't going to let that get her down. She walked around the courtyard for a while and stopped at a bench. She layed down on it, her hair fanning out on the bench, she hadn't been able to relax in forever. She looked up at the clouds with a small smile of sattisfaction on her face. She finally got through that big pile of homework she had, which took a lot of energy out of her. Her stomach gave a hungry lurch and her hand went to her stomach. Apparently she had forgotten about dinner too while she was doing her work, yet made no movement to leave, which was surprising because Dana usually loves to eat. At the moment though she was so worn out that food would have to wait. Her eyes began to feel heavy and just as she was going to close them someones shadow fell across her and she turned to see who it was.
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(Jubi ONLY)

Lalo went to where he had told Jubi he would be. He put a blanket down, the small glass box he had gotten from Mad Eye fell on it. He glanced at it and put it back in his pocket, not stopping to see wht it said. Nervously, he paced around waiting for her...
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(Laura ONLY)

Dima had been looking for Laura all day. He heard two girls talking about how she hadn't been to class today and knew exaclty where she was. He ran down to the lake and saw her sitting by the edge, she didn't see him. He looked at her for a moment, she was goregous as always, which would make things worse when she would tell him to leave, he took a deep breath and swallowed his fears. "Hey," he said and tried to smile.
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Glorie had just heard about Ryan leaving. He didn't even tell me himself, oh well. I just hope he's alright. I did cheat on him... But now I really am alone. She was walking around aimlessly, looking for something to take her mind off of everything. Why did I kiss Dima? I don't really like him that way...I just...I thought he might. She swallowed hard and blinked, Just stop thinking. Glorie ran into someone, she'd been doing that a lot lately, "I'm sorry." She immediately apologized and looked up to see...
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Daphne was lying on her back on a couch in the Slytherin common room reading a potions book. She was lying there with her hair up in a messy pony tail and a big t-shirt with small shorts. She was very into her book, she only looked up when she heard that someone had just walked through the common room door.
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Open mostly for Draco, but if he doesn't answer it's open to all ^_^

She was told a million and one times at St. Mungo's not to overdue it. Now she was getting the lecture again once more from Pomphrey after having to be carried up by a fellow student after passing out on the pitch. She tried explaining that she was just trying to catch up for missed practices, but the nurse would hear none of it and made Ginny lay down on one of the H. beds to make sure she would get some rest. Ginny sighed and fell back agaisnt the pillows annoyed and let out a huge sigh. I wish I would just get over this thing already, grrr... She was about to close her eyes when she heard the H.Wing doors open and she looked and saw...
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Flying, outside. Zack looked around the entire school. It seemed so small when he circled it, it looked like he could possibly dominate it and conquer the whole thing by kicking it. The height was fantastic till the altitude made him feel light headed and he went back down. No one was lurking outside so he landed near the lake.. he heard a splash and turned his head.
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swish ^^


Laying across the table in the common room, tracing her name into the dust of the chair beside her. Blowing the word 'Junko' off the chair she was distracted by the opening door. Sitting up she looked over at the person who had entered.
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