August 24th, 2004


It was late at night, and the sun had long set over the horizon. It appeared that all the Slytherins had gone to their dormitories, except for Esme who sat on her knees infront of the dying fire. Her long blonde hair was hanging down her back, soaking wet as she had just taken a shower and she was wearing her silk spaghetti dark green night dress. Her eyes flickered in the light that the fire was giving off, and she stared at the burning embers with a blank expression on her face. After a few moments, she blinked and realized that the heat was getting rather intense so with a sigh she stood up and walked over to the couch. Sitting down, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes unable to hear the person walking down the stairs.
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Tonks Makeup

Guess whos back.... back again... Tonks is back... tell some... no just tell mike lol

The ministry sent her back to Hogwarts, the immediate threat over, but still at anytime she could be pulled out once more. The entrance seemed so dark and lonely. Her mind was on the scars from the fights and the battles she dealt with while away. Her usually bright eyes had dimmed since the incident in the forest. Near death she was pulled to safety by someone who never revealed themself to her. Limping a bit up the stairs Tonks made her way to her office, no one knew she was back but Dumbledore.

Walking into her office, she left the door slightly ajar and she sat down on a pink chair.
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Judd lay in bed, his arms behind his head. He had a slight smile on his face because he was listening to Ron mocking Madame Pomfrey again, but he really didn't have the energy to much else. He just wanted to stay awake, incase...he blushed at the thought. He didn't want to be asleep if Mike came to visit.
Put up or shut up

LAKE-OPEN.... boredom is a killer

Only a couple days left before term, and Junko decided to go swimming. The air was warm and inviting, so dressing in a black and red two piece bikini with boy shorts and a halter top. She made her way down to the lake.

Wandering down she began to think about herself, her insecurities, her lack of interaction with her best friends and her nonexistent relationship with Lalo. The whole thing had her flustered and rather upset, so laying out her towel she decided it was time to live for herself again. Stressing about it wasn't going to help her any.

Wading in a bit she dove into the water and swam towards the center of the lake her hair in a messy ponytail. The red streaks in the front noticable.
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Lalo was wondering the halls thinking about his conversation with Jubi...wishing that he could just take everything back, but he couldn't, besides it was true...she wasn't the same anymore...but maybe it was all his fault. he leaned up against a wall and thought of her smile...he could feel himself sliding towards the floor, but he didn't care...
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Jack's inpatients with everything became weaker. He spent most of his time out at the quidditch pitch or in the Gryffindor common room. He hated moping around. It was not like him, but what was he to do. He needed to get out and talk to some people. He exited the castle and made his way to the lake seeing a crowd of students swimming and sun bathing Jack was turned off. He turned around and made his way to the peaceful garden. Maybe he wasn't ready to communicate with others. He found comfort in the shade of a tree as he sat down and pulled out his tattered leather book. He ran his fingers down its spine as he closed his eyes poetic words running through his mind randomly.
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Open to all, procrastination rocks! lol

Lisa decided she wanted to explore the castle in her downtime, she had been devoting so much of her time studying she felt she should get out and do something interesting, not that she didn't love books or anything, she wanted to do something different. She walked through the empty corridors and saw a door at the end of the hallway, she looked around cautiously and once she was satisfied no one was around she proceed. "Alohomora." she whispered and the door opened. She walked into the dark room and looked around, it looked like an old library, she walked closer the the bookshelf and out of the corner of her eye she saw a ladder. She walked over and climbed up, she opened the latch on the ceiling and found herself in a room that seemed to be high above the school. It was covered in windows "Oh, my God." she said softly, there was a jerk in the corner and she looked over to someone standing there, "Who's there?" she asked trying to make out the persons face.......

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MJ wandered the halls making her way toward the Astronomy tower. It slowly began to darken outside and the torches in the hall began to light up. She hummed loudly to herself as she made her way down the corridors as they darkened. She hated it when it got darker. Het humming began to go a bit quieter. She knew it would be much lighter in the tower. She finally made her way to the tower and she closed the door behind her. She walked over to the window and watched the stars as they twinkled in the night. Nothing happens in this bloody school she said to herself. She began to daze out as she quickly turned at the sound of the door opening. "Oh... hello" she said to...
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Aiden was walking around humming to himself. Just the thought of Alysia made me happy. He found a nice secluded spot near the lake where he could laugh at others mishaps. He laid back and looked into the clear blue sky until he heard someone come his way. He looked over to see...
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((Draco only please))

The season was slowly changing into fall and the temperature was slowly dropping. Students seemed to be depressed at the change in weather so the common room was starting to get rather busy as students started to stay indoors more. Sprawled across the couch was Esme with a book open infront of her, her eyes drifting over each word. She drained the noise from the common room out and put her full concentration on the potions book. Every so often, looking up and making small talk with one of her fellow students, but after a few moments she began to read again. Slowly, the students started to abandon the common room as it got later into the night, and before Esme knew it she was the only one left. Sighing, she closed the book and leaned her head back staring up at the ceiling, her mind blank. Lifting her head, she abruptly thought of Draco and she shook her head making her blonde hair fall from her shoulders. She didn't know if he was trying to avoid her or something, but last time they talked it was almost as though he was hiding something. Sighing, she leaned her head back once again and tried to think of something other then Draco.
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Taking a late night swim alone. He mostly swam around under the water so the splashing wouldn't draw in any attention. It was very easy to make the assumption that the squid was the one making the water move around. Where is Millie? Stop thinking about her! Brick wall. Oooooo Chloe, where is Chloe? Damn women always on my mind. He laughed a bit then went back under into the dark waters. I'm so damn horny.
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He sat on a bench in the courtyard reading a book. Looking up every time someone passed him, hoping Blake would somehow show up outside. Isn't it funny how you can't find the people you want to find. He looked disappointed when yet another fourth year walked passed. Putting his head down, he started reading again.
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OPEN..... so so so terribly bored

Sitting in the courtyard feeling rather sad, and wishing she could make sense of it all. Junko watched her rat Renee feeding on some seeds she had laid in the blades of grass. "Maybe when we move again next year, Uncle Jackie will put us in another school" she whispered to the all white rat.

The rat nibbled a bit on the seed and came towards her and curled into a ball, as a shadow began to cover them. Looking up the sun blocked her vision she tried to see who it was...
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