August 23rd, 2004

Open to Slytherins.

"Despicable country," Tsuki mumbled to himself, curled on a couch whilst facing the fire. He couldn't sleep in the commonroom anymore -- Snape had made sure of that. But Tsuki couldn't stand his dorm. Somewhat sulking, Tsuki hid his mouth behind his knees, and glared sourly at the fire, eyes blank.

Atleast his sick housemates were back. Or most of them, anyway.
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Esme had walked straight out side after her last lesson, not even bothering to drop her book bag off back in her dorm. Walking straight towards the lake, she dropped her bag when she reached the shore and she pulled off her robes leaving them beside her. Sitting down, she slipped her silky smooth legs into the water. She sat like this thinking about her meeting with Draco. He seemed so distant, he barely said a whole sentence to her. Sighing, she raised her one hand and covered her face unable to hear the person approaching her.
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After her brush with death and dark forces. Hannah was thrilled to be back in her element and her energy field again. The whole not being able to speak thing wasn't for her. Walking through the halls she wore a smile on her face as she felt the bounce return to her step. Brushing her blonde hair from her blue eyes, Hannah made her way back to Hufflepuff tower.
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So this is my life?

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After a week of not seeing Memphis, he began to think maybe he had gotten sick too. This wasn't easy times, and all that other boy needed was to be sick on top of all the crap that had been happening. Grabbing his bag Neville rushed off in search of Memphis hoping he was ok.
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Practice was not going as he had been hoping. The team seemed to be too distracted by war and the virus to want to fly. I am a lousy captain, I cant even keep them interested in the one game we all love he muttered angrilly to himself as he walked towards the showers.

Coming out he headed up the stairs and into the castle broom in hand...
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Open to Slys

Ah yes, the first day of term. Anti's head was spinning with all the work she had to do so far as she made her way to lunch. I have so much shit to do and classes aren't even over yet for today, this is gonna suck major ass.! She sighed as she sat down at her house table and started spooning food onto her plate. As she ate, her head was leaning on the hand not feeding her and she ate in a pissed off/pouty manner. Stupid Hogwarts... Then, spooning some corn into her mouth she felt someone tap her on the shoulder from behind. Still a bit irate she spun around and said "What?" That's when she noticed she was talking to...
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((Open, someone please come! I'm so bored!)

Harry was walking the hallways with his bag over one shoulder, hands stuffed in his pockets and his eyes looking at his feet as he walked. He wanted to go see Ron, make sure he was okay and all. He didn't expect it to happen to somebody he knew. First Mora got sick. As sad as that was, his best friend came down with it too on top of that, though thankfully not as severely as Mora. He's just had a hard time lately wondering when it all is going to end. He was trying to do too many things at once. Helping Neville, planning ahead Quidditch practices and strategies, the homework that has been given to them, and still trying to maintain a social life. Earlier Harry, Ron, and Hermione were talking about starting the D.A. again, you know actually starting to have meetings again, but right now his enthusiasm about the whole thing was almost gone. His head started throbbing. He ignored it and kept walking. He was so into his thoughts he bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry," Harry said looking up and seeing...
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((Dima Only))

Glorie was walking around outside, aimlessly, thinking about her problems. Should me and Ryan be together? Maybe I can owl him... Suddenly she saw Dima and smiled, "Hey!" She said still excited about the whole band idea.
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OPEN..... Jubi needs friends

Sitting alone in the common room, Jubi (or Junko her real japanese name) sat thinking. The whole Harry thing has been done and over with now but she still missed his friendship though she was certain that was done with. Mora wasn't coming back which as sad as it was for some she figured that was going to happen, the girl looked like death the last day. Ginny was distant and she began to feel like maybe she was keeping something from her.

I must be going crazy Standing up she exited the common room and made it towards the Great Hall.
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((Open...I'm really really bored))

Glorie gracefully plopped down by the lake in shorts and a bikini top. She stuck her toes one by one in the water until her feet were submerged. She watched the water as she moved her feet gently. She finally cleared her mind by doing her homework, so decided to enjoy the fact that she wasn't using her brain. She didn't even hear someone behind her...
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The library felt cold even to Dracos usually cold skin. Sitting there he felt the room feel dense. Something was going to happen soon, he knew it. The owls from home had warned him but what he wanted to know was if the movement was going to hit home again... were more friends going to go under?
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