August 22nd, 2004

So this is my life?

Gryffindors only

Walking in from Herbology, Neville wiped his forehead. The whole class he had been moving and had found himself feeling rather tired. He made his way to the common room where he crashed on a couch. Not noticing there was someone in the couch beside him, he begins to drift off.
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It had been a couple days since, Ginny had gone to the H-wing then Mungos. He was furious and rather confused on why he gave a shit. Draco had Esme and she was beautiful and amazing everything he could possibly want in a girl friend. But.. she wasn't Ginny and that pissed him off. Why the hell did he have feelings for her? Of all bloody people that red headed weasel. Walking towards potions he grumbled angrilly to himself.
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EYe am watching

(no subject)

The closer she came, the more her energy felt depleted. Something someone was out there. She knew if she followed this she would see, she could find who ever was hurting the students. So onward she walked, her usual appearance masked into another form and her clothes dark. I wish Mike was here I wouldnt be so alone she closed her eyes briefly and held her breath. Feeling a little stronger she started on again deeper into the dark woods.
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Did i miss something?


Hobbling back into the school, a little worse for wear, Jared made his way down the halls. The cold walls comforting to his warm touch. Each step was a little weaker then the next. A bought three quarters of the way to Slytherin Jared slid down the wall and sat breathing a little hard. Perhaps he came back too early.Taking about five minutes to regain his strength he decided to keep moving. Wincing he pulled himself up and went the last bit until he got to the Slytherin dungeon entrance. Whispering the password, Jared entered and walked to a couch near the warm fire.....
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Gryffindors only - preferably Ron.

Hermione yawned, sitting up in the common room after hours, and for once, she didn't have a book in her lap. She stared at the fire, remembering Ron being ill. I hope he's okay, I haven't seen him in a few days.. she sighed, and pulled her knees to her chest, Please let him be okay... she was so caught up worrying about Ron, she didn't even hear anybody talking to her.

(no subject)

Judd was sitting up in bed in the HW, staring out the window. He had been watching Ron get into a fight with Madame Pomfrey where he repeated everything she said. If he hadn't still had such a high temperature, she would have sent him back to Gryffindor tower days ago. Now, Ron was asleep, but Judd didn't feel like sleeping anymore. It's what he'd been doing for days and frankly, the clouds looked alot more entertaining. He sat back against his pillows and sighed, humming gently.

Alright I'm Impatient- "Mione Only please

Ron was for once, asleep in his bed in the HW, a first for the day. Madame Pomfrey and rushing around, getting stuff done before he woke up, including putting ice in his water and putting a cold spell on his sheets. The sooner his temperature went done, the better for her sanity. It was while she was stuffing a miracle pill down someone's throat when she saw someone at the door. "If your herre to see Mr. Weasley, he's currently asleep. I personally would like him to stay that way, but maybe he will be good with you here..."
Pretty Jubi - Dont mess with a punk girl

Gryffs only

Curled up in a ball. Jubi slept on a couch. There was nothing going on yet and end of summer was so close... she decided sleep was her best bet.
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(Open to Laura only!)

Dima looked down at the ground, he just couldn't study today. He tried playing her guitar, but he was distracted. He wanted to see Laura. He went down to the common room to see if she was there, but she wasn't, so he went down to the lake...
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Open- preferably a girl, any girl... Please I'm so effing bored! ^^

Jack was roaming the dungeon hallways randomly. A lot of what he did seemed to be random. He began to heard strange noise and thinking nothing of it made his way up the stairs. With his hands in his pocket and his head down Jack didn't notice when he hit shoulders with someone else as entered the normal corridors.
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Back for term

Against the nurses wishes, Ginny was released from Mungo's under the strictest of orders to report to Pomphrey if anything went wrong again and that she would sleep regularly and not do too many activies. They mean quidditch, pfft, BS, like I'd stop playing that. HA! She had just finished lunch and excused herself from the table and her friends say she was feeling tried and all of her friends pushing her towards the G.Hall door to go to bed before she got worse.

Once out in the hallway she sighed, "I'm just tired, not dying. I sweatr my friends worry too bloody much." She shoulders were slumpped and her pace lethargic. Truth be told she still felt like shit, but she had to at least get to the first day of term before crashing out. As she turned the next corner she ran into someone and apologized, "Sorry, I'm not looking where I'm going." She then looked up to see...
it's me!

Open to Seamus only

Parvati walked up to her dorm room and saw a note on the bed she frowned slightly and picked it up. It read "Meet me at the Quidditch pitch at sunset. -Seamus" Parvati laughed happily and felt the blood rushing to her face. She glanced out her window and saw the sun was beginning to set, she looked around panicked "What are am I gonna wear?!" she shrieked aloud "Oh God, why isn't Lav here? Wait, Lav can't- Oh Merlin! Clothes!!" she ran over to her closet and through it open, frantically she picked out a simple outfit consisting of jeans and a sweater. She hurried downstairs to the entrance and walked outside onto the grounds, as she walked she shivered slightly "dammit, I should have brought my cloak" she scolded herself. She reached the Quidditch pitch for a sign of Seamus but there was none "And I'm early." she thought to herself. She shivered again searching the grounds for him.