August 21st, 2004



Glorie sat in the library, her nose in a book. She briefly looked into the lake her eyed a bit glazed over. She hadn't slept much, lately, and was really starting to doubt herself. I shouldn't be with Ryan, I shouldn't have done anything...I'm a screw-up. She didn't even care that her parents hadn't owled her in two weeks. In midthought she heard someone behind her...
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Open to all... Anyone awake? lol

After making up with Lavendar, Parvati was in an incredibly mood, she went off the the astronomy tower to finish her homework, she smiled as she climbed up the steps and walked into the tower to begin her homework. She was so involved with working she didn't hear someone come in after her until.....

Huffs only

Zack had been cooped up his room lately studying for charms. Term was going to begin soon and he needed to work on some things. So now here he was mumbling the charms and incantations looking at different objects and shooting them across the room, too himself or out of the area in general. There was a thud and he heard and 'Ow' in the common room. "Whoops" he said bolting out the door to see who he hit.
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OWL to Lavender

Dear Lavender
I haven't seen you in a couple of days and there is something I have to tell you.I'm terribly sorry but I don't think this is going to work out between us... please forgive me. I hope we can still be friends.
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((Open to anyone))

Dana was sitting outside humming lightly a song she just made up as she skipped some rocks along the lake. Suddenly she stood up, brushed off her pants, and was walking away from the lake to the Quidditch Pitch. She didn't play Quidditch herself, but she still wanted to see if anybody was taking it upon themselves for a practice session. She got there and looked up, but the sun was in her eyes so she couldn't see much from the ground. Just then she thought she heard someone. She turned to see who it was...
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Lavender sat by the lake, it was a nice day again and for the first time in a couple of days she was happy. She had her best friend back. Like anything could ruin such a nice day..
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Open to anyone

After a long and boring week in the Hospital Wing,Cho was finally out. She felt much better then she had before and was ready to get back to the normal stuff. She was walking up to the Ravenclaw Common Room when someone tapped her on the back.
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Alysia yawned, sitting in the window sill of the astronomy tower. She rubbed her eyes and stared blankly out over the empty, deserted grounds of Hogwarts. Her eyes trailed back up the sky and she smiled, watching the stars. She shivered a bit and heard the door squeak open, she turned and saw...

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She's sitting out by the lake thinking about the dream she's had for the last two nights in a row

'I've never thought about Blaise like that before... so then why am I having these dreams?'

She looks out across the lake and runs over the dreams in her head, half hoping she'll have the same dream tonight and halfing dreading the fact that it might.
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Open to all...

Lisa sat down in the library taking a break from studying, she was writing yet another song and thinking vaguely of her friends. She twisted her hair in her fingers and furrowed her brow in concentration. She was so absorbed with her work that she jumped when she heard someone come up behind her...
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He took a long walk around the lake at night. He stopped walking and looked up at the sky. There was a full moon out that night, he felt slightly hypnotized by it. Finding a rock near by he sat on it and continued to watch the moon.
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