August 19th, 2004


Owl to Jubi

Dear Jubi,
Since you are getting a letter from me you must now know I am not in the school at the moment. Apparently I caught 'the virus' and I was sent to Mungo's for some treatment. Don't panic, I'm fine the nurses have everything under control. Just please tell Ron and the rest of my brothers for me. If you can't do it b/c of fear of their reactions, then tell Seamus to tell them, he can kick their asses so they won't go after him. Also tell Dana for me and see if someone can grab the work me me, maybe I can do some while stuck here...Oh and also, if for some stranger random reason you run into Draco...Can you tell him too please...Yes, I know that sounds totally stupid and random, but I don't want to explain it in an letter, it's complicated. You don't have to say anything to him if you don't want to, but...yah...Well the nurses are telling me I need sleep now so I have to go. I'll see yah soon.

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[ BLAISE Only ]

Chloe smirked to herself, lying on Blaise's bed, staring at the ceiling. She hummed to herself, trying to think of what she'd say to him. She wasn't angry with him, she had no reason to be, he wasn't her 'boyfriend'. She was just slightly disappointed, she figured they may have something more than just sex. She yawned, waiting for him to open the door.

((Chloe only!)) In the Commonroom

Aiden was sitting in the commonroom contently. He thought of all the time he spent with Alysia, she made him so happy. In mid thought he heard someone. Looking around he didn't see anything, until a snake appeared near the couch. He pulled his feet up so the snake couldn't touch him, "Get away. Go away." He shooed the snake away as it sat there looking at him. Aiden didn't like snakes, for when he was young one attacked him. Then the snake slithered a little closer, he was about to freak out when Chloe came in the room...
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(Open to anyone who wants to get Anti in trouble. )

She had woken up later then she wanted to, but she was just too comfortable laying next to Sparky all night. Decideding the sooner she left the less trouble she'd be in, she got up slowly as to not disturb Jared. She quickly put on her shoes and cloak and turned towards the bed and kissed him lightly on the forehead, "Feel better Sparky." She whispered before she dashed out and was on her way back to Hogwarts.

Once she got back it was already lunch time and she was hoping against hope that she would be able to mingle in like she was there the whole time. Her hopes were then dashed when she heard a very angry voice behind her say her name. SHIT! She closed her eyes and slowly turned around preparing herself for the tongue lashing to come.
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Dana was walking along the shore again going over the names of important people from History of Magic. Even though it was a dull class, she was still trying to do good in it. Dana tripped over a rock but regained her balance before she fell. She chuckled at the clutz she was. She didn't want to make this the third trip to the hospital wing. She was one of those people who can't do two things at once, like walking and chewing gum. She went over to her favorite tree and pulled herself up. She straddled the lowest branch, her back resting against the trunk of the tree. It had been a long time since she swam, and looked at the lake longingly. Her thoughts drifted somehow to Neville. He had been so sweet to her the day before, and there was something different about him. She was thankful that she at least had him though to be there for her.
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((open to slytherins))

It was about 2:00am as Esme slowly stirred in her four posters bed. Suddenly, her blue eyes opened and she abruptly sat up. Her breathing was heavy, but it slowed down as she realized that she had been dreaming. Running a hand through her blonde tresses, she slowly got out of bed trying not to disturb her roommates. Quietly, she walked out of her room, and started down to the common room now wide awake. She hadn't bothered to change as she thought that no one would probably still be awake. She was wearing a dark green spaghetti strap style style night dress that went down to just above her knees and was made of a silk material. It also had a plunging neck line. As she walked into the common room, she walked towards the couch and sat down leaning her head back. She sat like this for a moment, before feeling as though she wasn't alone. Jumping, she heard soft yet audible foot steps approaching her.
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((Open to Slys))

Aiden sat in the commonroom, as he had been all day. She's got to come out sometime. He thought and stared at the ceiling. He ran a hand through his perfect spikey hair and smiled. Hearing something he whipped up making sure it wasn't a snake. He saw...
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(Open to Jubi only)

Lalo had been busy the past few days...he had been sneaking out to practice quidditch, catching up on his studies, and constantly owling his dad and uncle Mad Eye about things going on with his mum(who was now living in las vegas with her new husband and pregnant). He went down to the lake, bored and sad, he hadn't seen Jubi in what seemed like forever and really missed her...
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