August 18th, 2004

(any one!i'm just so pissed right now its not funny)

Storming out of the Ravenclaw tower, Blake walked down the stairs of the school with a scowl plastered across her face. A piece of parchment was crushed in her fist as she jumped down the last step and she actually ran into a first year student making them slam into the ground. Her only reaction was a dark glare at the frightened student. Pushing open the large doors, she let them slam behind her and she continued to walk towards the lake in a huff. When she reached the shore of the lake, she took the crumpled parchment and started to tear it into tiny pieces, throwing them into the lake. Bending down, she started to pick up rock and started to chuck them into the water as hard as she could. She still had a dark glare on her face as she threw the rocks, not noticing where they actually landed.
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Lav only

Seamus had just woken up as he walked out of the boys dorm and plopped himself down on the couch. He groaned, he was still tired. He sat infront of the fire trying to wake himself up when he heard someone come up from behind him.
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Did i miss something?

St. Mungos.... flipper.. lol

Sitting up in his bed at St. Mungos Jared was permitted to move about freely now that his energy was back a little. His mind wasn't stable enough to go back to the school yet but the Medi Wizards were trying their best. He was on a strict diet of magic energy enhancers but it was only helping him stay awake. That Mora girl was sent to another room and he hasnt seen her since.
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Open to all

Lav had just headed out of the common room to walk around. I feel so bad for all those people in St.Mungos! This sickness going around had began to bother many people, and that Lavender knew. The portraits watched her as she passed. Then someone called back from behind her.
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Walking through the halls on his appointed rounds, Draco yawned. This school was so boring never anything interesting going on anymore. Some of the students were starting to wake up and move around a bit, the ones who had been in the H-wing of course. He heard Jared was feeling a little better and may come home soon, which was good because he was sick of not having someone who could relate to his thoughts on this school.

Draco had recieved word that his no good cousin Tonks was getting closer and in order to keep the Dark Lord safe they had to move him and the rest of the deatheaters to another location. He wondered if that had something to do with why people were becoming better again.....
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Aiden was walking around the castle, bored as ever. Nothing good has happened...well except...Alysia. He smiled at the thought of her falling asleep on him the other night. I wanted that to last forever. Stopping by a window he looked out, the dementors were around the castle, they seemed to loom closer every time he looked out a window. This war is fucking retarded. Then suddenly he heard someone behind him, he whirled around to see...
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He walked out of the owlry looking very pleased with himself. He had just sent a letter to Blake's parents as soon as they touched the paper they would go deaf. Just like Memphis, my this was a busy week for me. "Damn that stuff was useful." Too bad I didn't sign my name to it.


Seamus sat under a tree staring into space. He couldn't remember the last time his life was so pointless and boring. He hadn't seen many of his friends lately and had decided to get out of the castle for a bit. He just sat there his eyes refusing to blink. He snapped back when her heard someones voice.
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