August 17th, 2004

Memory fades away


Zack had heard about Judd, and now Hannah... he was terrified that Justin was next. He searched everywhere for him running up the hallways when he hadnt seen him in the dorm or the hospital wing. He felt a lump in his throat as he raced down the corridors and secret passage ways.
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The school was a buzz with the word of the mysterious sickness that seemed to be spreading. Every one was trying to come to the conclusion of where this illness came from. Sick of listening to every one whispering ridiculous nonsense, Blake had left the Great hall at lunch time and walked through the Entrance hall and out the large doors. The sky was a dull gray color and there was a rather harsh wind blowing as she started to walk towards one of the court yard. Absentmindedly, she let her feet carry her to a deserted courtyard she had found one day while she was snooping around the grounds. She walked towards a large tree and sat down infront of it, and leaned her back against its large trunk. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back, and was unable to hear the foot steps of a person that was slowly getting closer to her.
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((Open.. I'm bored))

Glorie sat by the lake in a short black skirt, and a black bikini top. She was reading a book about muggle currency. They have a lot of different kinds, stupid muggles. She laid back, entranced by her book. She heard someone near by, but didn't bother to look who it was until they said something.
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He dived into the lake smiling. He was happy so many people were getting sick, it left him for once, the only one in the lake swimming. He started doing some laps with his eyes closed, keeping count of how many stokes he did, so her wouldn't run into anything.

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Daphne was leaned up against a tree outside by the lake. he lake is just so beautiful. The soft breeze kissed her cheek, and blew her long blonde hair. She looked up at the sky and looked up at the fluffy white clouds. She slumped down further and twisted her hair with her right finger. She only stoped when she heard footstepes coming up behind the tree.
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Open: Entrance to the Great Hall

Everyone's sick. Or atleast, a lot of students were sick. Tsuki had heard from several third years about the 'casualties' so far -- even glared at them when they mentioned that the Slytherin deserved it. By that, Tsuki had figured out that they meant Dorny. Stranger or no, he was still Slytherin, and Tsuki did not take well to people dissing off his house -- and housemates.

"I wonder if I'll be next," he murmured to himself, absently brushing past someone. He didn't even look up, caught up in thoughts of endless white hospital walls and memories of his favorite cousin stuck there.
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Open to huffles, preferably Gavin ^^

MJ walked down out of the girls dorm. She sat on the couch and huffed. She closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of the fire on her face and heard the crackling of wood. She opened her eyes and pouted. "Where are you Gavin, I miiiiiisssss you" she said quietly, missing her friend.
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Sitting in her bed she was fed soup by an enchanted spoon. Hannah looked up at the doorway, just as someone walked in. The spoon and bowl moved to the dressor because of her lack of interest.
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