August 16th, 2004

So this is my life?


Neville made his way into the common room, really not thinking. He hadnt seen any of his friends in ages and the fact was he was rather lonely. Looking around he wondered why he hadnt seen Ron lately. So he decided to look for life, he was sick of being cooped up in his room and would love the distraction...
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(no subject)

Hunter was bored...worse then bored, he felt like actually talking to somebody. What was wrong with him, was his broodiness wearing off? Shrugging, he was in the Great Hall, practicing Charms and occasionally hexing Slytherin first and second years as they walked by. He grinned as they looked toward thier older housemates instead of the blonde Ravenclaw sitting only a table away. He was so invovled in watching to Slytherins bickering about one of his hexes that he didn't notice someone sit at the table with him untill they asked if the seat was taken.
Pretty Jubi - Dont mess with a punk girl

On the Hunt for her Boyfriend

Jubilee looked for Lalo missing him terribly. Some of her friends had disappeared and now she fear he may have come down with something too. Walking out of the common room she headed out of the tower and headed towards the outside curious where she would find him.
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Lake ((Open))

Dana was walking outside sadly. She just felt worthless today. She took a seat by the lake and picked up a rock and looked at it for a moment before skipping it across the lake. This mood was certainly different to her. She usually doesn't let these things get to her. She could probably deal with them if they didn't all come at once and pile up. The Slytherins have got her down, she just recieved a not so friendly letter from her step-mom, she felt like she lost Jubi, who is most likely off with her boyfriend somewhere, she can't find Ginny anywhere, and Neville always seems so depressed and doesn't want to talk to her no matter how much she tried to cheer him up. She sighed. "Maybe it'd just be better if I stayed with my mom in the first place," she said outloud before trying to skip another rock, but it fell to the bottom with a loud 'plop'.
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Open to anyone...I'm bored

Daphne was walking through the halls on her way outside. She was walking down the stepes to the first floor. She was walking down the stepes she got her foot stuck in the trick stepe. "Damn it! Uhh..." She tried to break free, but only sank deeper. 'The first time this has happend this year. I always have to get stuck in this bloody stepe at least one.' She thought. "Do you need some help?" Someone asked.
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Chloe yawned as she walked down to the courtyard. Fall was coming. She shivered a bit at the slight cold breeze and her hair whisped at her cheeks. She sighed, wondering where Blaise had wandered off too. She hadn't seen him in a few days, and she was beginning to miss him. She'd heard about the two who had gone home, neither had she really known, and only one did she somewhat care about. She leaned against a wall in the courtyard, and shut her eyes, listening to footsteps approach her. . .
genuine smile.

[ x AIDEN ONLY x ]

Alysia rubbed her arm as she walked into the common room. He's gone. You'll never fix it. She laid down on the couch, pulling her robes around her like a blanket. She shut her eyes, listening to the fire crackle, and then she heard that farmiliar voice. She opened her eyes slowly, "Hey..." she remained lying down.

Open to anyone who eats lunch...

It was lunch time so after class Fred and George made their way to the Great Hall to grab a quick bite before heading back out to London. Upon entering, George gave a wave to Hagrid who was sitting at the staff table. Fred smiled at Dumbledore and then shooting sideways glances to one another, the two of them decided that Professors Snape, Vector, Sinistra and (to some extent) McGonagall might not be their idea of good company for meal time... They made their way over to the Gryffindor table as they eyed the mounds of food hungrily... Ooo, and was that roast duck? Delightful!
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Another one bites the dust ((MORA AND JARED GO BYEBYE... loosing my sanity))

Walking back from Herbology she watched the medi wizards take out two students to St. Mungos.. Mora and that slytherin boy Jared she blinked nervously as they passed her. She was already feeling very light headed, while walking into the school and down a dark corridor, she felt her head begin to spin... then... blackness.

Hannah laid in a heap on the floor in a rarely used corridor...........
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Open to Anyone

Lavender was on her way to the Gryffindor Common Room when someone called her name from behind her. 'Who is it now, Parvati coming to get mad at me again..' she thought, even though she felt terrible about it. She turned around swiftly.
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Seamus sat outside under a tree looking up at the starry sky. He sighed as thoughts ran through his head. Thoughts of why he hadn't seen Lavender or Parvati, or why Neville always seemed so down. Everyone seems to be depressed or sick all the time and Seamus just wanted a bit of fun, to make the best of their situation. He looked back when he heard someone come up from behind the tree.
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Daphne Greengrass was sitting in the Library trying to do her homework. She had her chin rested on her left hand, and playing with her quill in her right. Hmm, I wonder when the next dance will be. I wish I was in love, it seems so...happy. My hair looks really good today, she thought as she droped her quill and started to play with her hair. Daphne was really startled when someone tapped on her back. She whipped around and looked up at them. "Are you using this chair?" they said as they pointed to the chair next to her. "Uh.." Her brain still wasn't thinking straight.
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(no subject)

Ernie walked into the Hopstial Wing, going to visit Judd. He'd heard rumors that Mora and Jared had been taken to St. Mungos and Ron and Judd were still here being taken care of by Madame Pomfrey. He passed by Ron's bed and winced at how pale the red head looked. That's when he noticed a bed between Ron and Judd...

"Hannah!" Ernie ran forward and kneeled beside her bed. She looked so pale and so small. He carefully took her hand, squeezing it gently. ""

Slys only

Sitting on the floor next to the fire place in the common room, Draco tried to maniuplate how he was sitting to catch the best warmth. The flames crackled and a thin smiled crossed his lips. Leaning on his arms he closed his eyes and let the heat hit him full blast, it was a cold and wet quidditch practice, it was time to dry off and relax.
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It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair. It wasn't his fault if he couldn't speak proper Latin.

Scowling darkly, Tsuki stopped in the middle of the seemingly deserted hall and punched the wall. His fist sank. He pulled. It didn't budge. He tried again. He was still stuck.

"Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit." It was pretty much near curfew, and not many students were roaming around at that time. What's more, his Slytherin robes weren't much protection against the cold seeping through the hall.
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