August 14th, 2004

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Millie slowly walked up the hallways leading from the dungeons to the great hall. She frowned as she passed by a window and noticed the gray sky and breeze running through the trees.

'Lets hope the day proves to be less bleak than he weather...'

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Daphne was walking down the halls after breakfast, cheerful, like she usually was. She headed toward her next class alone, 'I wonder where all my friends have gone' she thought looking around. 'Hmm, oh well don't want to be late for class.' She continued walking down the hall.
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Dana was happily enjoying her weekend outside. She still had a few essays to write not to mention practicing a spell for Transfiguration, but she could do that later. She didn't want to miss out on the nice day. As she was walking along, Dana was gazzing across the lake. Because she wasn't paying attention, clumbsy Dana tripped over someone's outstretched legs who was sitting under a tree. Almost immediately she threw her hands out to break her fall. "Ow," Dana moaned cradling her wrist and feeling incredibly stupid at the same time.
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Judd isn't feeling too good...

Judd was out by the lake playing ball with Tyke. He threw the ball for the small dog when suddenly he felt really dizzy and light headed. He went and sat down against a nearby tree, but by the Tyke came back with the ball and dropped it in his lap, Judd had passed out. The small dog kept barking at him to wake up and when he didn't respond, he curled up next to his owner and made sure to bark whenever he saw someone pass by...

Doing my part for the plot before I go off to the Redskins game tonight...

Ron was walking down the stairs from the dorm to the common room, broom in hand as he was off to Quidditch practice. A head ache creeped up on him and red head tried to shake his head to make it go away. But it only got worse as he headed down the stairs untill finally he had to sit down on the last step. He leaned against the wall, telling himself he would only close his eyes for a few minutes...

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Daphne went to library where most of the students were at this time and stood on a chair and tryed to get everyone's attention. "Okay I would like to make a statment to all houses, exept for the one I am in. Okay, I know that most Slytherins," She glared at Neville. "don't like to promote inter-house unity. I for one do. Not all Slytherins are bad okay? I am quick and cunning, I am not mean to those who don't deserve it. Just because some former Slytherins have turned out bad doesn't mean we all will." She could see that some Slytherins looked shocked at all this. "Thank you." She sat back down on her chair and smiled, she continued to study for the up-coming exam they had.
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So this is my life?


Walking back from a Saturday Detention from hell, Neville looked gloomy and depressed. His hands were covered in what could only be cauldron burns... one could only speculate to what happened in that classroom. He gave a deep dark sigh and rounded the corner, head down he didnt notice himself brush into someone "Sorry" he said looking up.
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"Why do i feel like im forgetting to do something?" she muttered to herself sliding down the railing to the commonroom floor. Thinking to herself she didn't even noticed when she fell over someone and tumbled to the ground.

Sitting up Jubi rubbed her head, "Ow" turning she went red "Sorry" she said to the person who still hadnt shown themselves.
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She sat in the potions classroom, her head down and eyes to the cauldron. Mixing carefully she pretended not to notice the nasty glanced from Professor Snape. Hannah finished the potion, vialed it capped it and cleaned up. Walking out of the room she felt a wave of relief, it seemed like a fast class for once. Humming to herself Hannah walked towards the Library.
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Draco laid on his bed, cursing certain redheaded twits and wishing they would jump out of the Astronomy tower and let him live his life already. "Useless buggars" he grumbled turning over and falling asleep.
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Open, please spare me of my boredom!!

It had been a week or so since Jack and Hannah broke up and after seeing Hannah exceptionally happy with Ernie Jack felt the complete opposite.
He sat out by the lake looking up at the stars. They were beautiful and they reminded him of Hannah. He sat up and shook is head as he brought his hands to his face and then ran them through his hair. He stood up and knelt down by the lake. He cupped his hands and gathered water in them splashing his face. He sighed and sat back as he heard footsteps coming up from behind him.
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