August 13th, 2004



Pansy hadnt been out of her bed since the day before.Now at night she walked to the Astronomy tower. She got up there and sat alone. SHe put her head in her hands and a few tears fell "You really know how to fuck things up.."

[ awh mione in le hospital ]

Hermione yawned, her hair sprawled behind her head on the fluffy white pillow of the hospital bed she was in. Her wrist was healed but Pomfrey insisted she not leave for another night. It still hurt slightly, the bones were still re-growing and attatching themselves. Sadie had definitely done a number on her wrist. She had her nose burried in a book about Charms when she felt someone sit on the edge of her bed, she looked up and smiled. "Hey..."


Glorie was sitting by a tree in dark jeans and a light blue t-shirt. She hummed as she read her book on Care of Magical Creatures. Her mood had improved a lot since the band had started, although she still missed Ryan dearly, and wanted to make him feel better. Suddenly she saw someone standing over her...


Sure Hunter had heard about the band...but that didn't mean he was going to rush out and join. In turth, he'd convinced himself it was a stupid idea anyway. Sure he'd played drums and even done vocals for a group back home...that was home not here. He didn't really want anyone to know about it here, too embarassing for these Brits to find out about him. But...after hearing about it, it did bring back the urge to play again.

In one of the unused classrooms, Hunter had transfigured a set of drums from a table and two chairs. It took him a moment to remember, but soon he was banging out songs from thier sets back home, his eyes closed as he tried to remember...


Ernie sat out by the lake reading his Herbology text book. He had gotten a bit behind and even though Hannah had given him a crash course (she was the best after all!) he still wasn't sure he got it. And with Hannah helping Professor Sprout in the green house, it wasn't like he had anything better to do.

A shadow cast itself over him and Ernie looked up smiling. "Hannah?" But then he frowned noticing it wasn't her..."Oh sorry." The person's back was to the sun so Ernie couldn't see at first who it was...

((Raves only, la Glorie is lonely..aww))

Glorie sat in her favorite chair in the commonroom reading a book about love. Why do you read this? You know it only makes you miss him more. She sat the book on her lap and stared into the flames. She forced herself to shake off the sadness. She looked as someone came into the comomonroom.
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Mora Sassy

Mora ish Sick

Still feeling dizzy from the previous night, Mora walked towards the Hospital wing. She couldnt understand what was coming over her. Making her way she felt a dark pressure on her head and she went under.

The next thing Mora knew, she was in the hospital wing.... the room was filling everytime she came back to conciousness.

She drifted out once more....
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Did i miss something?

Another one bites the dust

Flying around in the sky, he felt himself getting light headed. Draco saw him start to drop and he swooped over quickly picking him out of the sky. Flying towards the hospital wing windows, Draco rushed with one of the few boys he got along with. Tapping on the window Poppy opened it and Draco handed off Jared.

Jared stayed passed out......
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So this is my life?

Gryffs only

Neville laid on the couch and yawned softly. Potions was going to be the death of him it really was. Snape had it in for him almost as much as Potter, but luckily for Neville not as much. Never once would he wish Snape on any of his worst enemies...

Closing his eyes he felt the room becoming cooler as he drifted off into a nap.
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MJ found it to be a rather boring day. She sat in the windowsill of the Astronomy tower. It was a chilly night so she was wrapped in a sweater and the breeze from the open window blew her hair. She sighed as she stared at the starry sky her head cocked to the side. She began to daze off when she snapped back to reality after hearing footsteps...
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