August 12th, 2004

Open to Slys

She was still catching up on her make up work and Snape was actually starting to get mad at her for her reluctance at handing it in. He had threatened her with detention so she finally decided t get started. Deciding that doing it in her room was a bad idea she moved down to the common room and took up the table infront of the fire. Htis was going to take her awhile and she didn't feel like movingfor light whent he sun went down. She was about to start writing when someone knocked into her causing her to knock some of her stuff to the floor, "Hey will you watch it!"
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Open to HUFFLEs preferably ERNIE

SItting in the common room, Hannah fiddled with a strand of hair. Come on Ernie where are you? she thought anxiously to herself. All day she had been terribly bored and she hadn't really seen him so she was kinda worried. Moving to a couch she sat down and closed her eyes.
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:::withoutatrace::  Me sad


He walked out of his potions class laughing his ass off. Knew making anther deaf potion would come in handy. He smirked as he watched the newly deaf Memphis walking past him. Too bad it will only last a few days

Gryff Common room

Memphis looked pissed as he walked into the common room. He threw his potion book down. Feeling miserable when her didn't hear it hit the ground. He sat down in front of the fire hoping no one would notice him so he wouldn't have to explain what happened. Blaise is such an asshole!

((For Zack}}

Judd was sitting in the common room, reading a book for Charms, with Tyke sitting on his lap. But his thoughts weren't on the book, but on yesterday with Mike and thier wonderful he tried not to think about what Mike had told him before. Sighing, he tried to engross himself in the book and petting Tyke, so he hardly noticed someone come in.
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[ open ]

Alysia yawned, wrapping her robes tighter around her body as she walked to the Astronomy Tower. It was somewhere around midnight, and she didn't expect to run into anyone. Her slippers softly tapped on the floor as she made her way up the steps. She sat down in the window sill, and jumped at someones reflection in the window, it was...

((Alysia only))

Aiden was sitting in the commonroom staring into the fire. He was thinking about home, about the owl his mum sent him when he dad passed away. Honey, dad won't be coming home anymore. That's when he realized he would have to fend for himself and his mother. He laid back on the couch and looked at the ceiling. Suddenly someone came into the room.
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[ me. ]

After another one of Chloe's hot showers, she wrapped her slightly-bigger-than-her bathrobe about her, her wet hair hanging down her back. She walked down the stairs into the common room and laid down on the couch, staring at the flames, thinking. She shut her eyes for what seemed like five minutes, and before she knew it someone was tapping on her shoulder, and talking to her. She blinked her eyes open and slowly focused the image of . . .


Lalo went down to the lake, he didn't know what Jubi was doing and didn't want to ruin her scheeming. So he sat down by the edge of the water and opened up Quidditch Through the Ages...
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Mora Sassy


Mora sat alone, nothing seemed to make sense. Her friends all seemed to have disappeared and it left her feeling terribly alone. Glorie seemed depressed, Jer was no where to be found, Padma all but disappeared. She was starting to wonder if she was next to take the plunge into the darkness......

So there she sat in the common room... waiting.. for life
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Did i miss something?


Sitting on a bench in the courtyard, Jared put his head in his hands just trying to think. Nothing his brain was so fuzzy, "too much bloody studying" he cussed at the sky. I am so sick of this school and its extra work on vactaion. Burying his face in his hands he sighed...
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((Blake only))

Jason was bored in the common room. He was sitting upside-down in a chair with his head almost touching the ground and his legs dangling over the couch's back. There wasn't any reason to this at all, he was just bored. Jason had been thinking a lot about Blake. He was starting to wonder about her and what had happened to her. He almost thought she was ignoring him and he hoped to catch her soon. They really needed to talk.
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((PRANK?? Jubi Dana Ginny))

Rumor has it, that someone has it in for him. No big surprise for Draco, but other then that he knew nothing. Not who not when and not how. He strolled back towards the common room, his hands jammed in his pockets and his head down glaring at the floor.
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