August 10th, 2004

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Gavin only

MJ had been relaxing on the couch in the common room. She was laid out on the couch a book over her chest and her eyes closed. She had been rather tired lately because she really felt too busy to get any sleep.
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Did i miss something?


Jared walked through the halls, the fire flickering as he walked down the halls. Blinking at the candles the lights extringuished around him. He walked to the end of a dead end corridor. The lights now completely out in the hall he leaned against a wall and slid down it. Clicking his lighter he sighed, "Giving the girl wings... maybe she will be happy.. then you cant hurt her" he gulped a bit and slammed his fist into a pillar.
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((Open...Judd needs his Mike...*hint hint*))

JUdd walked toward the Forbidean Forest, going to look for Shadow and Tyke, who stil hadn't turned up. He kicked at something on the ground, taking his frusatration out on it. First, his dog had bee missing for three days and his old friend from school didn't seem to be getting along very well at Hogwarts. Things just weren't going veyr well after Judd had gotten off his high from the dance. HE sighed sadly and continued walking, his eyes on his feet.

Open to one and all ^_^

After getting lost the other night on the 8th, she poked around that floor again, looking for the room she thought she saw the other night. She did find the door once again adn she tried the knob, it was unlocked. She poked her head in and lit the end of her wand. She really didn't see much, all there was were some chairs a table, and a whole lotta cob webs. "Grrr, nasty dirty." She then exited the room, closed the door, and pointed her wand at the door mummbling something. After about 10 minutes she reopened the door to see a clean room, abit damp, but now clean. "Sweet, music room here I come." She the locked the door behind her and got to work inside transfiguring some stuff into a drum set and a stool.

Once that was done she pulled out her sticks and got to practicing, no songs, just basic meoldies to warm up. "1234!" SHe yelled and started playing.
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Pretty Jubi - Dont mess with a punk girl


Jubilee had an awesome night and now, she had a boyfriend.. it was the craziest thing. He was so sweet and it just felt right, she couldnt believe it. Twirling some of her dark black hair she smiled watching some little ones rush past playing tag. There was a tap on her shoulder and she turned to see....
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Did i miss something?

OPEN.... Dueling Dungeon ROOM

Dueling club, yes how he loved dueling club. The room they practiced in was dark and musty. Lights low and platforms covered in green material. On the other end was the dummy they practiced with, but he imagined it was his innerself. The part of him who made all the choiced that he didnt agree with. Shooting a silver like spell at the object it flew across the room and into the wall. He continued to shoot hex after curse after hex after curse. Making the dummy fly all over the place. "Worthless" he hissed low, now imagining someone else... "YOU'RE WORTHLESS WASTE OF SPACE" his eyes went firey as he clicked his lighter and threw a fire ball at the dummy.
There was a sound of a smash behind him, he turned the fire disappearing in his eyes, he blinked and the dummy went out as well. "Who's over there" he hissed once more, anger creeping into his voice.
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:::withoutatrace::  Me sad


Blaise had woke up that morning and took a long shower. Everything was running threw his mind so he went to look around for his journal. Fuck where is it He started to throw all his stuff around trying to find it. Not that it was a huge mess considering he didn't own much. "Fuck" He picked everything up and threw it on his bed. He started to look in the common room. Oh yeah...writing everything in a book. SMART! "Fuck!" He walked down to the Great Hall. I guess some Slytherin took it...or did I leave it out somewhere? "FUCK FUCK FUCK!"

A nice sunny say (open to all)

She was in good spirits today. She just had a chat for Jubi and found out she now had a boyfriend and she was super happy for her friend and so now she was in a good mood. And on top of that, it was really beautiful outside that she decided to grab a blanket, leave a note in her room to where she was, and a book Jubi had given her to read that she wanted to try out.

When she got outside she looked about trying to find an unoccupied area, "wow guess everyone wants to enjoy the day", she smiled and made her way under a tree, laying out her blanket and lounging out on it and read her book. So engrossed in her book now, she didn't here the person approaching her.
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((Open to anyone. Amuse me, please.))

It was getting cooler and this poor Ravenclaw had nothing better to do than spend his afternoon in the Library. Jason was finishing up an essay for History of Magic classroom. "This has to be the most boring class Hogwarts has," Jason said dully to himself. Once he was finished writing it, he looked it over again and corrected himself in a few places. He closed the book and put it back on the shelf feeling satisfied with his work. Walking back to the table he put a cap on his ink bottle and gathered up his things in his school bag. Jason slung his bag over his shoulder, but just as he turned to go out the Library door he ran into somone.
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((Open...Sadie feels like fighting))

Sadie was walking from Herbology in a very, very bad mood. Damn first years and their stupidity, that's why Hufflepuffs should all go to hell. She glared at everyone that passed her. Then suddenly someone ran into her, "Watch where you're going you stupid prat." She hissed and looked up to see...
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Lalo wondered around outside. After classes were over, Jubi dissapeared. Sitting down by the lake, he realized that it was August the 10th, his birthday, probably why Nani, his owl wasn't in the Owlry when he went to go feed it, his mother must be sending him a gift. He decided, with robes and everything, to jump into the lake. When he surfaced, he heard someone shouting...
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Another Potions class left her feeling rather empty. She hated that class, Snape hated anyone with out a snake on their robes making their lives miserable. So walking back to the dormitory she sighed heavilly dropping her book as it spilled down the hall. She stopped and started to pick up the pages, looking for her book she found it in the hands of someone else. "Hello?" she said not seeing their face at first.
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Walking back from the lake, after a rather interesting Care of Magical Creatures class. Jubi found herself determined to do more then just pass potions by the skin of her teeth. For some reason her friends ragging on her slacking got her to thinking, not too much mind you, she does have a reputation to uphold *wink*.

Jubi made her way down into the dungeons and into the unoccupied room. Getting out the ingredients she started to work on the shrinking potion she had screwed up earlier that week. Her Rat Renee ever present peeked out of her pocket. "Shush, im not going to use it on you" she laughed, while stirring.
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((For Ron and Hermione only))

Harry was making his way back from detention from ruddy Snape. In all fairness, Hermione had warned him, but Harry doesn't listen very well. Grumbling, he pushed his way through the portrait hole to find a few people still up. With a sigh of relief, two of those people were his best friends. He made his way over to their table because he had an idea that was about to burst from his head. "Hey," he said taking a seat and glancing from side to side making sure no one else was listening to their conversation.
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So this is my life?

.... im bored....hes still mine... im posting lol

The dance had been a lot of fun, emotional rollercoaster at time but fun none the less. But that left Neville feeling like he could do a lot more then just try and dance. He grinned content with the fact he could be cool if he tried, but didnt want to change himself because he isnt exactly unhappy with being just plain Neville.

Walking towards Potions he felt his stomach lerch foward. "Cant i just once get through this class" he asked the empty space in front of him..
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(no subject)

He looked down at the note sent from his mother. Going over in his mind certain parts of it. Your chose of life is discussing. You father is a moron for sending you to that school. Please don't come and visit anymore you are not welcome. Randomly the words flew around his mind. He started to feel dizzy as he ripped up the note, letting the wind blow the pieces away.
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((Open to all!))

Glorie was sitting by the lake in her blue bikini. She slid her feet in the lake while she was reading a book. Her eyes were glued to the pages as she moved her hair out of her face. I never knew there were so many levels of She was so into her book she didn't notice someone came up behind her...
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Drumming session open to all

She was still in her new music room and decided to magic herself a little band. She had 3 guitars, and a bass made out of the furniture she wasn't using. SHe then decided on what song she want to start with and the instruments began to play and she drummed out the beat, and sang along. The song was heavy and fast, her singing was rough but still sounded pretty good (think like a Debbie Harry kinda thing minus the synths).

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Open to Gryffindors!

After potions Seamus walked up to the Gryffindor common room. He walked up to the boys dorm and dropped his books in the middle of the floor where they scattered about. He took of his robes and threw them over ron's bed. He walked down the the common room and laid down on his side on the couch and watched the fire. He heard someone enter the common room as he peeked over the back of the couch to see...
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Open to one and all

it was getting a little more chilly out now a days so she put on one of her good old weasley sweaters and head outside.

She was sitting under a tree after gathering some flowers and started making a wreath of flowers. A melody popped up in her head and began humming it to herself. She was happy and content with this very quiet and calm moment, that was until someone behind her cleared they're throat making her jump in surprise and turn.


MJ was outside laying on the ground out by the lake. She was staring up at the sky as the sun went down and the stars began to twinkle in the sky. It wasn't too dark but dark enough for her to feel uncomfortable alone. She figured she would make her way in when she got up and noticed someones feet. She looked up to see...
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