August 9th, 2004


Slytherins Only

Pansy sat in a chair in front of the fire, her head propped up on her hand.She hadnt slept well in a few nights. She doezed off and then jolted awake.This happend several times before she noticed someone in the room. "Been here long?" SHe said and yawned.
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Having been let in the room, Hannah set up a surprise for Ernie. The hard stuff was over, she was his girl and she was going to start acting like it. Setting up the room with candles and soft music. Hannah stood in her dress, waiting. There was food Zack nicked from the kitchens for her set up on a night stand. She had a smiled plastered on her face.
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((Open to Anyone))

Dana's hair was put up neaty in a pony-tail, and she had on jean capris and a black tank-top. She was resting in the shade up in a tree to get away from the hot afternoon sun. Apparently rain was expected soon but it was still very humid outside. She had skipped lunch in order to finish her homework, and yet still had some time before her next class to enjoy what small breeze there was before it rained. She could see dark clouds in the distance. It was kind of depressing because she loves the feeling of the sum warming her. Oh well, she'd just have to find some inside activities to do for once.
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(no subject)

Blaise walked out of the castle, covering his eyes. It's so fucking hot He moved into the shade of several trees. Taking off his robes, he sat down wearing his swimming trunks.
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((Open to anyone))

Sadie was in a good mood as she strolled out of Hogwarts towards the lake. She was wearing a green shirt and a jean skirt. I should probably study, but hell a swim won't hurt anything. She sat next to the lake and took off her sandals. Dipping her feet in the water she heard something behind her. She turned around to see...
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((Slys Only))

Aiden was sitting in the commonroom about to go crazy. He'd thought about Alysia almost nonstop. Maybe if you talked to her again...Or you could just move on, I mean she'll probably hate you forever now. He stared into the flames, but didn't really see them. He had a downcast look on his face. Maybe I just need to shag someone...that usually helps, but..I'll only feel guilty. Damn you Alysia, what've you done to me?
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((Ravenclaws Only))

Glorie sat in her favorite comfy chair. She'd just struck a deal with a first year so she could sit in the chair. Oh well, I'm good at my studies so helping a first year do their homework won't be a problem. She looked at the fire and remembered last time she'd been with Ryan. I haven't seen him very much lately...I miss him. I wonder if he's avoiding me, or he's probably busy with studies and all. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts she didn't notice someone come in until they were standing in front of her. She looked up and saw...
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Open to one and all

She fianlly got done potting her last plant and sighed looking around to see everyone already gone, she pouted, "Not my fault I arrived late, I got held up but that ruddy Snape." She said outloud angerly to herself. She then moved the last plant into the sun before removing her glove and wiping at her forehead. Herbology was her last calss for the day so she decided to poke her head out the greenhouse door for afew moments to get some fresh air and relax before quidditch practice. Little did she know that when she stepped out, someone stepped in.

Stupid Hogwarts (open to everyone)

After a long day of evil looks at snickering behind her back, Anti decided she needed some quiet time. She walked outside and quickly took her robe off pissed off and made her way over to the lake, "this ignorant bastards, think they know me just cause of my house, this is crap! And then they wonder why I'm so bitter, I open my mouth to say hi and the bite back with a vengence. Argh, stupid Hogwarts." She yelled out loud to herself and she removed her shoes and socks and sticking them in the water, she then rolled her cargos up and laid down on the shore her shirt now showing, a white tank saying, 'You can't kill the protest.' She sighed loudly and closed her eyes. That is until there was an all of a sudden shade over her she opend her eye to see who it was, "Listen I ain't in a mood to fight so if you're looking for one whoever you are go look elsewhere."
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After quidditch practice, Dima just wanted to unwind a bit. After changing into muggle jeans and a gray t-shirt, he took his guitar and went out to the lake. After a while, he was interrupted by someone splashing him from the lake, he looked up and saw...
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((For Hermione only!!))

Aiden was walking down the hallway feeling antisocial. Damn it. I can't stop obsessing, that's it I need something...anything. Weren't these years supposed to be golden or some shit like that? Having no clue about anything he continued his way through the castle practically glaring at every male he came across. "Ruddy school." He walked out of the castle to barely dodge Hermione. "Oh...sorry." He looked her over. "You alright?"
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So I'm finally at a school were there are openly gay males, and I still can't find anyone. He rolled his eyes as he walked down to the courtyard. Finding an open bench he sat down. Hey at least my ass isn't getting kicked. "At least people were around me when they were doing it." He whispered.

(no subject)

Anthony was sitting in the library with several pieces of parchment around him. He had been sitting there for hours writing. He wasn't paying much attention to what he was writing about, it was as if someone else was moving his hand for him.
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(no subject)

He moved around the 8th floor, looking at all the paintings. He used a lantern to light the dark hallway. It was the middle of the night. Slowly he got use to sleeping only three hours a day, while taking potions whenever he felt warn out.
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Mora Sassy

OPEN because i am always bored.

Reading, always reading. Searching for answers to questions never truly posed or said, just questions that linger in her head. The current book she read was on Muggle ways and signs that your friend might be obsessed with muggle belongings. It made her think of Lisa.. but if she could remember Lisa was muggle born.

The breeze was getting cooler, fall was certainly on its way.. She hated the fall, her father died in the dead of winter... the fall meant the season of saddness, the time when her mother would lock herself in the room down the hall and cry for hours just thinking about him. Even now... when she was almost 16, her mother still missed him.

I wonder if thats what true love is....
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Owl to Judd

Dear Judd,
If at anytime you would like to send my cat back i would appreciate it, i realize the dumb furball has grown attached to Tyke but this is ridiculous.
.. i miss the pain in the arse.


P.s. stupid cat spends more time with your dog then me.. bah
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Did i miss something?

OPEN and such

Jared was at the lake, hanging upside down from a tree branch. Pryo his snake was curled up below him just watching him. The summer sun fading behind the trees and he just hung there clearing his head.

Satisfied with the dizziness, Jared pulled himself up on the branch and leaned against the trunk. His eyes coming back into focus he watched a figure swimming. They darted here and there and had on what appeared to be a locket or something shiney. Seeing as he loved shiney objects, Jareds eyes stayed focus on the person as they walked out of the water.
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Open to Esme

The owls had poured in earlier that day, Draco got his usual package of sweets and pies. But also was a long letter from his mother. Apparently someone at some point told her about his new girlfriend. She was disappointed it wasnt Pansy Parkinson but hearing It was Esme seemed to have given her back hope.

Owl from Dracos MumCollapse )

After rereading the note, he folded the note, he would burn it late to keep his secrets just that.... secret. Waiting eh? Hell and Dark Mark bound.. he liked the sound of that. Draco decided his dirty thoughts could only lead to more trouble, unless he found Esme.. That was exactly what he set off to do.
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Open to everyone...Humor me, I'm bored

Quidditch practice had just let out, but she decided to stay behind for a little while longer to practice to work out afew kinks she had been having during practice. She setup some targets to hit and off she went into the air hitting her targets dead on. She was so engrossed in what she was doing she didn't notice someone wacthing in on her.

[Open to Harry and Hermione]

Ron was wandering around the common room, looking for something to entertain himself. He had a short attention span and for once, all of his homework was done. He thought about how he and Harry and Hermione hadn't hung out together in such a long time, and that kind of dissappointed him. Ron was now determined to do something about that...
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Lake ~ For Aiden.

Interested in seeing if he had anything worth hearing, she made her way down to the lake and sat down, pulling her shoes and socks off she stuck her feet in the water. She rubbed her eyes, thinking of everything Jared had said. She yawned and shut her eyes, waiting for him to get there.

In the courtyard (open to all)

Her mom just sent her a package, the note saying sorry she wasn't there to hug her on her birthday, but Anti totally understood any and all reasons for her absense, she was just happy her one parent remembered. Anyway, she opened her present to find a Vivienne Westwood original and smiled huge and yelled happily to her pet who was lyin gon the bed. "Look Mizu, mom got it for me!" SHe hugged the dress happily and then quickly put it on. She then turned to the window and saw the sun was still up, but it had cooled down a little, "Come on sweety, picnic in the courtyard."

AFter gathering her things, some food, and of course Mizu, she made her way to the courtyard and laid out her blanket and put her bag down pulling out a quill and paper. She then laid down on her stomache, Mizu getting comfy next to her, and began writing back to her mom for a big thanks and to keep a look out for 'the' outfit of her dreams. She began humming to herself and kicking her feet about while writing happy as a big in shit and not noticing the person now standing over her.

((OOC: if anyone wants to see the outfit, just go here ^_^: ))


Clove was sitting in the cabbage patch out back of Hagrid’s hut on her skateboard. She'd rolled down the huge hill and had tumbled off landing in a bit of dirt at the bottom of the hill. She'd ripped up her pants real good, but she didn't mind. It made them cooler in her opinion.

She was quiet for a moment and heard a pitiful little squeak of a sound. She turned to look around but saw nothing. She pondered for a moment but then shrugged. She was looking to see if she had scraped up her elbows when she heard the sound again. She looked about again but nothing. "What the hell?" She asked out loud when she actually turned and took a look between the patches of cabbages. There on the ground was a little baby crow. "Hello there..." it squawked back at her and fluttered one wing. "Oh my...your wing is broken." She said quietly as she examined the wing the little one hadn't moved. She slowly put her fingers towards it and it backed off slightly. Clove left her fingers there and it slowly moved forward towards her and pecked her fingers lightly. "You're probably hungry." She looked about and saw some over flying owls. "Ahh so that's what you were squeaking about." She said.

Clove bit her lip. If she left the baby there it would surely die...but...what could she do? She looked down at her hoodie and pulled the pocket off of it making a tearing noise. She gently wrapped the little crow in it she stood up and kicked up her skateboard catching it. She went around to the side of the hut and banged on Hagrid's door. "Hagrid?!" She called. There was no noise from inside. She sighed and started up the hill with the crow wrapped in the pocket of her sweatshirt.

She started back up the hill when she saw somebody ahead of her, "Excuse me do you know when Hagrid will be back?" She called hoping it wasn't a Slytherin.
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Hiddne ~ l51hawk

OPEN.... boredom its a killer

Sweeping up the Greenhouse after another class, Hannah hummed to herself and swayed with the broom. Dusting it all into a little pile. The room was a wreck and Professor Sprout was so busy catching Professor Flitwick up on what he missed this past month, that she left the room to Hannahs capable hands. She washed up the tables and walked over to the spicket to wash her hands. There was a knock and she looked to find....
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