August 5th, 2004

Open to any one!

It was rather late at night, the sky was dark and the silver stars were out. Even though most students were tucked away in the comfort of their beds, Blake was not one of them. Earlier in the night she had came up to the Astronomy tower and laid on the floor looking up the the stars naming the constellations quietly to her self. Her black hair was spread out around her and her eyes had eventually closed. Her breathing was slow and deep, she was obviously sleeping. Suddenly, something awoke her, and she immediately sat up reaching for her wand and muttering 'lumos'. Still sitting on the ground, she turned her head and she noticed a figure coming out of the dark.
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Judd sat outside with his guitar, Tyke playing at his feet. The song he had been trying to piece together before was coming to him now and he grinned as he strummed and sang the occasional word, mostly singing alone in his head, afraid if he sang it out loud it would suddenly be ruined. He was so consummed that he barely noticed Tyke bark at someone's approach.


The DANCE POST.......

The Great Hall is filled with decorations of all kinds, Seems that Professor Tonks helped with many of the streamers and such since most of them seemed to be Hot Pink, Silver and Black. A creative touch was the different faeries and other pixies that floated around the room. There were tables around the room so that people can eat and sit if they were in the mood to party. Where the professor/staff table usually was there was a stage where the Weird Sisters were set up ready to give them a good time. The students began to flood the room all of them Dressed in different costume ball attire.


BAH i make a typo no one tells me!!! grr lol
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Mora Sassy


The dance didnt last long for Mora, one dance one confused friend and now mixed emotions got her out by the lake with tears in her eyes. She took her favorite book of muggle poetry and threw it into the lake "What a load of rubbish that was" she said wiping her tearfilled eyes. Walking back to a tree she sat below it still wearing her dress and blood red cloak.
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Bouncing the Party

SHe decided that after afew hours (and a few drinks of punch...which was spiked appearently) she felt a little dizzy and tired and decided to leave the party and head to bed. As she walked out the door and took the first turn, she tripped a little and mummbled to herself. SHe tore the shoes off her feet and tossed them somewhere, "bloody shoes". She kept walked (Stumbling) using the wall for support.


Pansy walked out of the dance looking for Draco. SHe picked up her dress and looked around. She walked over to the lake and dipped her toe in after removing her shoes."Where is he?"

Being stood up is a bitch, hehe ^_^

he leaned against the hall wall, hands in pockets. He finally grew tired of waiting and the polyester was starting to irratate his skin. He looked at all the dancing people and spotted MJ. He knwo he promised her a dance, but she was busuy already with that and he didn't want to bother her. He gave a small salute in her direction and left the G. Hall quietly. 'I'll porbably see her in the common room anyway.' and with that he decided he'd head back to the common room, to tired for a walk outdoors tonight.
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Ok, I mean it this time, Ginny isn't going back into the dance. ^_^

SHe knew the astronomy tower was usually used for dirty and wild things, but tonight for some reason no one seemed to be there. 'oh, that's right, the mandtory fun in the G. Hall' She laughed to herself as she enetered the tower. She was done with the party for one night, but didn't feel like going back to an empty tower, so she decided on staring at the stars for a little while, adn try to clear her mind, and get HIM off her mind. 'I got over Harry pretty easily, so why can't I get over this just as easily.' she sighed to her self and then winced. SHe brought her hand up to her forehead, 'and why's the punch have to be spiked, now I got a wound and I don't feel like explaining it to pomphrey.' She finall took a deep breath and laid on a windowsill, looking at the stars and smiling. 'Oh a shooting star, now what to wish for.'
genuine smile.

Aiden Only!

Again, breaking the rules, she was out past curfew. She'd welcomed herself to the Astronomy tower window sill. She was in her pajamas, a lacey camisole and some long silk black pants. Her hair was straight and landed on her shoulders, and her brown eyes twinkled in the star and moonlight filling the room. A smile played on her lips as she thought of the dancing earlier in the day.


Sadie slipped out of the dance unnoticed. Guess he's really not interested. I mean with all the other girls at his feet. Oh well you'll find someone at this school that isn't useless. Or maybe everone is. Psh, I wouldn't doubt it. She sat down by a tree still all dressed up. "Look, how sad is stupid Sadie sitting by herself." She muttered. She was so wrapped up in thought she didn't even hear someone come up next to her.
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Ernie sat up in a window in the owlry, his mad dash from the dance having taken him there. the night was cool coming in through the window, but the fake fur of his pajama like costume kept him warm. He'd taken off the head piece and it sat on the floor beside him as he looked out onto the stars.

How had he managed to screw up so badly? Alls had had wanted was to make Hannah happy...But instead he made her miserable. She wanted him to sweep her off her feet...that wasn't good enough. SHe wanted him to fight for her...but when he had, she had gotten angry. Why couldn't he do anything right? What *did* she want from him? But it didn't matter, she had Jack now, Jack who made her happy, Jack who would make her forget poor miserable Ernie.

He sighed as he quite trying to fight back tears and let them come. He didn't care anymore. Didn't care about much of anything. He'd lost one of the most important things in his life so what was the point in caring?
Mora Sassy

Raves ONLY

Mora walked into her room and found the book she threw in the lake on her bed. She blinked at it curiously and walked down the stairs to the common room holding it. Flicking threw the pages they were all dried and fine, but her usual smug marks were on it. Mora found herself wondering where on earth it came from. She began to read it alone by the fire.......
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