July 31st, 2004


Judd was outside, lying under a tree reading his potions text. Tyke was nearby by, lying in the sun on his back, sound asleep. Judd had headphones in and didn't even notice someone was there untill tyke woke up and barked.

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Sitting in potions, Draco hummed to himself a song he heard on the Wizard Wireless. The room began to fill up and double potions was about to begin. Rolling his eyes as the gryffindors filed in, he didnt notice anyone sit next to him...
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After finally getting some sleep, Cho looked alot better than she had the past few days. Quidditch was going well and she was in an all around good mood. She was walking down to the Great Hall when someone called her name.
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Walking back from the greenhouse he sighs, getting really fed up with that class. Zack watched some kids run by playing a form of tag. He smiled to himself and soon forgot his bad luck with herbology. Entering the castle he decided it was time to pick up some food.
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Sitting on a couch in the library, Hannah was curled up wrapped in a yellow and black knitted blanket. She sat with one of her many books of mystery. She sat there getting into the plot, the intense characters pulling her inward that she jumped almost sky high to the sound behind her.
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She was walking through the halls of Hogwarts, a bit worse for wear. She had been up all night studying for a test because earlier in the d ay she was tutoring afew students who needed alot of help in transfig. She was on her was to the potions room to ask Snape a question after he was done with the potions class he was teaching at the moment, when she started to to fall, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, she passed out.
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He walked by the greenhouses eating an apple. The sun was setting making the sky completely pink. He leaned against Greenhouse three and threw the apple core as far as he could, not looking to see where it landed.