July 30th, 2004

empty classroom ((open))

Jack sat in an empty class room. The door was closed. He sat there playing his guitar putting his recent poem to music. He sang the words while sitting on a desk while looking out the window. His back was too the door and he didn't even turn around when he heard the door squeaked as it opened.
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(no subject)

He looked around behind him making sure no one was watching. He quickly moved into the Forbidden forest. His snake wrapped itself loosely around his neck. At least I don't have to deal with anymore people saying they feel sorry for me.
So pretty Zack


Laying on a bench in the courtyard under a tree, Zack smiled as he drifted off to sleep. The sunbeams danced on his face gently as he spent the afternoon lazing about. A cool breeze was blowing and first years were bustling around the noise he was used to drowned out the footsteps coming towards him.......
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So this is my life?

Astronomy Tower OPEN

Sitting on a window sill, Neville could hear the laughter of happy students outside and inside the castle. He kept his mouth shut, today he turned 16 and he had nothing to celebrate. Usually he would be with Gran visiting his parents but, this year he was stuck in here really wishing he could see them even if it was only for a little bit. Holding some of the things his mother gave him as 'presents' the wrappers, paper clips and knuts that had fallen on the floor, he felt himself fight back tears.
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Asleep in a Green House (OPEN)

Hannahs attempt at avoiding everyone has left her sleeping in the Green House, with out her magic alarm set she had no way of knowing when class was going to start. Then there was a hand trying to gently shake her away. Wiping her eyes she noticed the person was.....
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Lisa was walking back from the Great Hall heading towards the Slytherin Common room when something pulled back on her robes and she fell.
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Dima walked around aimlessly for a while before deciding to go out to the lake. Putting his feet into the water, he wondered why sometimes he was more conserned with animal rights than the war going on around him. He kicked his feet in the water and heard footsteps behind him...
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(no subject)

He walked slowly up to the astronomy tower. Opening the door he walked straight to the edge. He looked over at everyone on the ground. A large group of birds suddenly flew up from the forest. He watched them flying tell they disappeared into the horizon.


Glorie was in the Great Hall drinking juice. She was reading a Potions book. She was so entranced by her book she didn't notice that other people had started to arrive. Looking up so she could take a bite of her breakfast she noticed someone sitting across from her.
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Hunter was up in the Owlry, cleaning Dustin's feathers. The owl had just returned, bringing with him aletter from Blake and as a reward, Hunter was giving his feathers a good rub down and clipping his nails, the whole nine yeards. The owl never complianed even with his mulitple long flights over th Atlantic and Hunter felt he deserved every bit of attention. He was so consummed by his owl that he didn't hear someone come in behind him.