July 29th, 2004

all smiles.

[[ terry only! ]]

Catey hadn't seen Terry in a while and suspected he'd been avoiding her. It was past curfew, and she'd knew he'd be awake somewhere in the common room. She tip-toed downstairs in her pajamas, the same silky navy pants along with a white tank top, her hair messy around her face, and she held a black teddy bear. Her dad had sent it from home, and she'd gotten it when she was four. She looked around, eyeing the corners suspiciously. "Where is he..." she whispered to herself.
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Jeremiah yawned and stared at what he'd just written as he laid out in the courtyard. His hair was in his eyes and he blinked some out of the way, "I guess with the right tune, it'll be okay..." He bit his bottom lip, and then played with one of the bracelets on his wrist.

((Open to Hannah))

Ernie hoped Hannah had gotten his message. He's asked Judd to borrow Tyke and sent the little dog to find Hannah with a message wrapped around a rose to meet him in the Art class room, wearing her Juliet dress. Atfer talking to Professor Sparks about his costume, they'd gotten to talking about other things and Hannah was the main subject. So, Prof. Sparks had helped Ernie set up this little display: it was dinnertime so a table was set with flowers and candles and looked all fancy like. A charmed violin floated nearby, ready for Ernie to say the word before it started playing. He was dressed in his own costume for the ball, on loan from Professor Sparks who had actuallt minored in Drama. It was all mideval, a black velvet doublet with embroderied designs and light yellow hose to match. He'd even found a sword for Ernie. Now Ernie passed the room, hoping Hannah would show. He really wanted to sweep her off her feet.

[[ hallway, open to anyone ]]

After rummaging through the library Hermione had finally found the book she was looking for. She was walking down the hallway with her nose already burried deep within the pages. Her fingers were just getting ready to turn the page when she bumped into someone or something and fell down to the ground, dropping the book as well as several papers she was holding, "Sorry..." she said, looking up to see...
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"FUCK EVERYONE IN THIS PIECE OF SHIT SCHOOL!" He yelled at the top of his lungs in the hallways of the dungeon. He started to punch the walls, blood started flowing from his fist. His eyes were blood shot.'I don't have anyone left' He punched the wall as hard as he could, breaking his wrist. He sunk down his back against the wall, breathing hard.
So pretty Zack

Huffles only

Sitting alone in the common room, Zack yawned softly wondering when his buddies would show up. He sat there wearing blue jeans and a Yello and black striped wife beater. His cat curled up on his stomach, 'silly cat' he said to himself with a smile.
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[[ Draco Only - - Chloe is gonna have a break down dun dun dun! ]]

Mindlessly, Chloe finally left her corner to shower, refresh her makeup and put new clothes on. She walked in the direction she'd gone with Draco when she first met him, her clunky boots clicking on the floor. Her short hair fell in her face, and her thick-lined eyes stared at the floor. She was wearing muggle clothes yet again her red, long sleeved shirt was tight on her, and her black skirt was short, as usual, and frayed. She entered the secret entrance he'd taken her through and went up the little hatch, onto the roof of the tower. She sat down, knees bent, watching the dementors. She sighed, just thinking. She was too numb to even cry. Her eyes squinted slightly and her hair blew in the breeze. Theo had shown Draco this place.


Jack sat outside by the lake. He was sitting against a large rock writing in his brown leather tattered poetry book. He smiled as he wrote down the words and thought of Hannah. 'I wonder whats shes doing' he thought. It was windy so he continuously removed the hair from his eyes, after a while he started pushing back his hair becoming slightly annoyed with it. It wasnt till then that he noticed...
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Bye bye Terry off to the Funeral You go

Packing his bags Terry looked around his room trying not to cry, he read the Daily Prophet before his mums owl got to him. His father was Dead and he was needed Home, he wasnt sure how long he was going to be there. His trunk fully packed the house elfs came and drug it down to the waiting train. Looking around one last look at Ravenclaw house he headed off to the train...........
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He looked off into the forest far away from everyone else. 'That fucking bitch Rita doesn't know shit about me or my family. Well at least what was my family.' He rubbed his face. 'Fuck her, fuck the ministry'


Airynn walked out of the girls dormitory,after unpacking her things. She walked out into the common room wearing silk capris and a camisole with lace at the top. She walked over to a chair and sat down.
Mora Sassy

open to jeremiah only

Sitting in the Courtyard Strumming her bass which was magically powered and amped with a charm, Mora practiced some music she was writing. The sound of her low bass made her smile, she didnt like playing guitar everyone played that, she enjoyed being different. The current music she was working on was about Harry and how he made her smile. But she wouldnt put his name in for fear of causing him more trouble then she was worth to him.
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((Ravenclaws Only))

Glorie sat in the commonroom, curled up in her favorite chair. Thoughts were swirling through her head at the speed of light, or so it seemed. So many people dying, and now it's really starting to affect us. Terry and Blaise have both lost parents. I feel so horrible for them. And everything seemed right. She felt like crying for them, but she promised herself she'd be strong. Suddenly she heard someone enter the commonroom.
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open to all

Mike was walking around he hadn't slept that much he stayed up to late gazing at the starts , isis was once more sitting on his shoulder enjoying the sun , he lay down on a patch of grass closing his eyes , while isis slept on his stomach.

(no subject)

Chloe waited for Blaise in the owlry, holding a cage containing a white Snake with small, black beady eyes. She glared at the little snake, "You bloody wench." She smirked with satisfaction knowing the snake couldn't bite her. She whistled, waiting for Blaise to hurry up.

Who wants to help a frustated Draco?

Pissed off after his talk with chloe, Draco stood in the room he dueled in. Practicing spells against a conjured dummy. The Dummy shot across the room and cracked into a wall.

"Why is everyone so damn crazy!" he shouted angrilly before screaming another spell shooting icy lazer like beams at the dummy. He could feel himself getting angry with every spell.

Between the fact everyone has gone crazy in his house and the fact that he had no one to talk to was making him batty. Sweat dripped down his face, walking over to his towel he wiped off the sweat and took off his dueling robes. Standing in the room wearing a green t-shirt and jeans Draco continued to practice until he heard someone tapping on the door. Turning his head he noticed it was..........
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(open to huffles)

Dima was trying to forget about yesterday, but so far this was unsuccessful. He sighed heavily and pushed the parchment that he was writing to his father away from him. Things were hectic that day, students were in a panic about the article in the daily prophet, but he had paid little attention. He was trapped in his conflict between his mother and her life changes. He got up in a hurry and went down to the common room. Sitting in a chair, he stared at the fire...

Open to teachers.. i created a teachers Lounge

After another amazing night with Mike, Tonks is left buzzing with joy. But only to have her happiness plummett when she reads they Daily Prophet. Her fellow Aurors are fighting and dying and she is here on orders from the ministry and as favor to Dumbledore. But now she regretted it, if she had been doing her job Boot might be alive.

She sat in the teachers room and sighed heavilly.
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Hogwarts school seemed to be in a process of mourning. Word of Blaises and Terrys parents had spread amoung the students quickly, so by now it was the only thing students were talking about. As Blake walked down the one of the halls in the school, all she could hear was news about the two boys parents. Closing her eyes for a moment, Blake suddenly turned around and started out the large doors of Hogwarts and continued to walk absentmindedly towards the lake. Even the out side seemed to be depressing. Rain was falling lightly, and the sky was a deathly shade of gray. She walked over to the lake, which seemed to almost be a black colour. She stood there for a moment, staring into the empty pool of water, watching the rain droplets pierce the surface. With a loud sigh, she sat down on a rather large rock that was sitting infront of the lake and she closed her eyes tightly, pieces of her wet hair falling in her face. The rain was slowly getting harder, and louder so she didn't hear the foot steps that were coming from behind her.
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(no subject)

Judd came running into the common room, still on a bit of a high from his time down at the lake with Mike. Thankfully, the two things he had been looking for were right there in the common room. Tyke and Shadow were playing in a corner and Zack was watching them from a couch, amused. Now that he knew where Tyke was, he could talk to Zack in a good piece of mind. He sat down on the couch, though he was practically jumping up and down. "Zack, you've been at this school for a long time right?"
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((Hannah Only))

Hunter sat on the couchs in he library, reading a letter from his brother. It made him homesick and happy to know he was alright, especailly after everything that was going on here with people's parents dying and students hexing each other. He looked up suddenly when he heard some upset sniffles. "Hannah, what's wrong?"
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Open to Gryff's only!

Parvati sat in the common room thinking about the recent Auror deaths. She couldn't imagine how two days ago her biggest concern was that she thought Seamus was ignoring her. She frowned in thought saying a silent prayer for Terry and his family. She began to silently cry and immediately began to write a letter to her own parents just to tell them she loved them. She was so absorbed with what she was doing she hardly noticed someone approaching her...