July 28th, 2004

Terry Blue

Ravenclaws Only

The lights of the common room dim gently as the sounds of soft breathing can be heard on a couch near a window. Those soft breaths came from a extremely exhausted Terry. Another hard quidditch practice had him sore all over and just wanting to sleep until next term. Dreaming of who knows what,Terry laid on the couch with a smile on his face.
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So pretty Zack

Huffles Only

Zack laid across a couch, wearing his black wife beater and blue jeans the only thing he thought was comfortable for a hott night like tonight. Shadow his albino cat paced in an out of the room, every once in a while coming up to him for attention or snacks then running off again trying to get a feel for what the animal was that invaded his room.
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So this is my life?


Sitting in the library going over some books on the Cruciatus Curse...
"crucio" L. torment (v.)
One of the "Unforgiveable Curses," this spell causes the victim to suffer almost intolerable pain. Some victims of prolonged use of this curse have been driven insane.

His eyes began to sting as he thought of his mum and dad, and all the things they went through. 'I will never be half the wizard either of them were, and there they are in that wretched hospital.' he tried to think straight but memories kept flooding back to him. Screams, all he heard were screams, he slammed the book but the screams didnt stop. This one was Madam Pince someone had stolen several books from the restricted section. "How odd" he said... it appeared that many of the books were on the "Unforgiveable Curses" or "Detecting the Undetected" - Guides on how to see if someone is watching you. Neville pondered it for a bit wondering if it was the ministrys doing, but brushed it off when he heard someone behind him asking him to come over.
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So pretty Zack

Huffles only

Zack finally got himself some sleep so now he was enjoying just relaxing with his cat in the common room. The room was cooler then usual because someon decided to open the window. Laying on the couch he smiled as Shadow jumped on the windowsill and was looking outside "Anything interesting out there?" he asked curiously
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all smiles.

(no subject)

Catey sat in a corner of the seemingly deserted library with her leather bound notebook in her lap. Knees bent, keeping the pages facing her. She had drawn various music notes on one side, and several words scribbled on the other. She tapped her quill on the notebook as if making up a beat, and she hummed lowly, so that Pince wouldn't hear her. She was so involved in what she was doing she didn't even see someone come near her until they commented what she was doing...
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(no subject)

Glorie sat by the lake in her bikini. A blue towel was wrapped around her and she was reading her poetry book. Theo's gone now...I wonder how I feel about that. He hexed another kid...I wonder what for. She shifted herself so that her feet were dipped in the lake. Then she heard someone coming...
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Slys only

Sitting in the common room going over scrolls and notes on potions, Draco found himself drifting in thoughts again. He hasnt been himself lately and he sure as hell couldnt understand why. 'Friggin weasel kisses my cheek and now i dont know which side is my wand side' he groaned to himself. Why did she have this effect on him, he didnt want that. 'I need to date someone in slytherin and get her out of my head.' he said to himself "thats what ill do" he mumbled and closed his scroll.
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(no subject)

Judd sat outside in the courtyard, sitting on a bench with one leg up on the bench to support his arm. His guitar was sitting in his lap and he was strumming it slowly. For once, Tyke wasn't with him, content to stay with Shadow in the dorm room today. He began to humm, his eyes closed, trying to put the words in his head to music.
Mora Sassy

Roommates ONLY

Dancing around her dormitory she smiles to herself holding her dress to her body and making swishing sounds as she spins. The night before has gotten her so excited she really doesnt know what side is up and which is down, but thats fine by her. She finally stops fantasizing and lays onto her bed. her kitty Cory deciding this is the best time to hop on her and grab her attention. "Oi sorry guess i havent spent much time with you" she pet her kitten gently and gave him a cat treat.
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Totally Terry

Raves only

An afternoon spent with Cho talking about everything from quidditch strategies and the dance has left Terry smiling. It was nice to get his mind off the war for even a little while. But as the daylight disappeared the the dementors returned into view he realized the war never really was that far from him at all. So now sitting in the window he watched the ghost like figures roam the campus....
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Open to JACK only

Sitting alone in the Green House, getting ready for her next tutoring session. Hannah finds herself drifting off in thoughts, wondering why Ernie seemed content to only cuddle, was there something wrong with her? Did Ernie fancy someone else?
The thoughts swirled around in a little thought bubble, it was only popped when she felt a tap on her shoulder.
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Dima wandered around for a while and finally decided to pracice his guitar, something he'd been neglecting. He went to his dorm, got his guitar, and went out to the lake. He sat down and started playing "Pink Chimneys" by the Promise Ring and his mind wandered to thoughts of Laura. Soon he was in his own little world...
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ashlee // scarf

Open to all...

Lisa walked out of the portait which lead the the kitchen holding a wrapped up sandwich, she headed outside onto the grounds and found a place close enough to the castle to avoid dementors, she shivered at the cold and opened her notebook to contiue writing a song she had just started when....