July 27th, 2004

all smiles.

[[astronomy tower - - open to anybody]]

Catey yawned as she laid on her stomach on the floor of the astronomy tower, looking outside and taking notes. Mostly scribbles filled her paper, she was thinking about something else. Her hair fell in her face and she shook her head, trying to get it out of her way. She rubbed her neck, and sighed, why couldn't she concentrate? She didn't even hear anybody walk in, she was so occupied...
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So pretty Zack

Lake - Open to Anyone

Walking outside with his Albino White cat named Shadow, Zack followed the usual path around the castle. This place was making him go stirr crazy. "I need to get out of this castle already" he sighed heavily crossing over to the lake. Stopping at the shore his pure white cat walked over to the lake and began to walk on the surface of the water. Yawning he watched his cat skim out a few fish and come back to shore. "Happy now? you scared the Merrpeople again" he shook his head and walked over to a tree and leaned against the trunk, watching the clouds part on what looked like was going to be a dreary and simply miserable day. The sun beamed down and danced on the lake. "Shadow when youre done screwing around we still have farther to walk" he said a slight smile crossing his face as one of the fish smacks his cat in the head.
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((Anyone wanna welcome our new Huffle?))

Judd pushed the door open with his back, pulling a trunk behind him as he stuck his guitar case through so as to stop the door from slamming on him. The door did manage to slam on the trunk and a loud yap came from the carrier that was tied on top of it. "Sorry Tyke, give me a second." He threw his guitar case on the empty bed and used both hands to pull the trunk through the door. It came through with a loud scrap, sending him falling back on the floor. After dusting himself off, he reached up and opened the carrier so the small dog could jumped down and into his lap. "Well Tyke...welcome to out new home."

((Two guesses who draco is again and the first one doesnt count))

Walking into the slytherin common room after a much needed rest, Draco notices the sad faces on some of the people he knew. "The Theo thing..." he muttered. Pushing through a bunch of people standing around and boring him, Draco makes his way to the Great Hall. Nothing really to occupy his time otherwise. He makes his way to the slytherin table.
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it's me!

Open to Gryff's only!

Parvati sat in the common room in her favorite chair closest to the fire. She warmed herself and cracked open a potions textbook, she had been improving her grades in all subjects except potions, it seemed that Snape hated the Gryffindors even more this summer if that was possible. She sighed and immersed herself in the book, she heard the portrait swing open and she looked over to see...

hallways ((open to anyone!))

He was sitting in the common room bored stiff. It was still pretty early and he had finished all his homework early, so he had nothing to do. When he saw no one around to talk to, he decided to get up and do something on his own then. Jason was still fairly new to the school so he took it upon himself to go for a walk and explore this famous castle.

Open to Anyone

Walking towards the Common room after Herbology, Hannah noticed the hall was empty. 'No one? how odd' she turned the corner and still no one. This was getting a little bizarre for her liking. So she began to rush her steps as she walked towards the Common room a little quicker. All of her fear rising as she took each step. She finally reached the entrance when she felt a hand on her shoulder, she spun around immediately to find.....
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So this is my life?

Gryffs ONLY

'Danny?' he thought... 'who in the name of Merlin is this Danny fella im supposed to be?'
Neville kept mulling over this as he paced up and down the common room floor. Why on earth are so many people being muggle characters, he wont recognize a single one of them.

His foots steps were wearing grooves into the floor he didnt care.
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((Open to anyone))

M.J sat in a window ledge in the hallways staring out at the perfect night sky. She smiled as she watched each star twinkle. She stood up and gathered her things. She took one last glance out the window before turning and walking down the large, dark corridor. Since she was new to the Castle she wasn't quite sure where she was headed but thought she would wonder for a bit. Things were quiet until she heard footsteps approaching from behind her...
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EYe am watching


Excited by the turn out for Dueling signups, Tonks found herself setting up the rules and info about it. The flyers with those involved and the info on up coming meetings were folded into little birds and sent on their way to the students. Sitting content in her office she looked out the window and smiled. "Its been a good year so far, lets hope it stays this way" she smiled and turned on wizard wireless. The latest songs were on and she began humming to them her door open. She began to dust the office.
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Mora Sassy


Walking down the hall she felt her face flush, she couldnt believe she even bothered with him. "I am the biggest fool... i should have known better" she felt her face sting a bit as she walked and tears trickled out of her eyes. The soft candle light glowed against her soft red hair and she walked towards a window. Looking out the window she sighed, "In a castle this big and this full, i feel so alone."
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((open to anyone))

Hunter lay on his back outside in the courtyard on the grass, a Charms book suspended above his head. He munched on an apple as he read, flicking his wand everytime he needed to turn the page. A shadow fell across him and he moved his head so he could look around the book to see who it was, taking another bite of apple.


Throwing the ball as hard as he could, Judd laughed as he watched his tiny dog chase it. He'd felt bad about keeping Tyke cooped up in hsi carrier the whole trip and now was making up for it with a good play session outside. It also gave him an opportunity to think about his conversation with Justin. 'Certainly wasn't expecting that...and he is cute...' Judd smiled to himself as he bent down to pick up he ball from where Tyke had dropped it at his feet.

(open to anyone)

Dima sat down in an empty classroom that hadn't been used for a class in what looked like a century from the state of decay...he spread his books out and picked up one that his mother had just sent him..."Diet for a New America" by Jon Robbins...he read the note she wrote to him, "This book is the best fit for you, it's supposed to be about American culture, and the lady at the bookstore said that after she read it she became vegan...so enjoy." "nice to see she still cares," he said sarcastically. He began to read it, but his mind kept traveling to the night before... He was snapped back to reality by the sound of footsteps...
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