July 25th, 2004

So this is my life?

Green House ::: Open to anyone

Sitting in the Green House alone Neville trys to think. The memories were coming back to him... He could remember bit and pieces of his parents torture. Tears streamed down his eyes. If the memory charms were becoming weaker was another force becoming stronger? Was someone or something trying to make him remember, what they all tried so hard to force him to forget?

Neville wiped his eyes and finished his work, his memory was getting better every day. That fact held both good and bad things for his future. Because now Neville was going to have to remember the past.

Soft footsteps alerted him, it was past curfew he would surely get a detention. Neville spun around to find......
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Mora Sassy

Who wants to be a Hero??? ((open))

Far past curfew, Mora found herself in her usual spot beneath the shade tree reading a new book of muggle poetry. She thought it was interesting because they seemed to be deeply involved in love and such. Something she had only been familiar with once or twice. 'They feel things so completely its like time would stop in anothers arms' she thought to herself as she read. A soft breeze blowing made her candle flicker a bit as she wrapped her black shawl tighter around herself. "Maybe this isnt the proper time" she said putting out the candle she stood up to be met with a dementors face. She flew back in shock her wand flying out of her hand and into the bushes. Mora began to scream, then she saw a burst of light. The dementor drew back and she was safe again, retrieving her wand she looked up. "Hello?" she said to the darkness..... 'is anyone out there?' she thought looking for the person who saved her life, she headed back to the castle.. there in the pale moonlight she saw who saved her life...
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Slys only

Poking an animal in the Pen with a stick Theo laughed as it chomped the stick and spit splinters at a passing 3rd year. Watching them run off crying he laughed. And began to head towards the Slytherin Common room. The outside was boring him to tears and he figured he get some sleep in before dinner. Dragging himself through the hallways to the dungeons were like toture. Everyone happy with their flowerly little smiles on their face made him sick. He finally got to the common room and slumped into a chair. Closing his eyelids he drifted off.
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Tonks Makeup

Club signups

Dueling Club Signups

I am taking over the dueling club we will meet Saturdays at noon. If anyone would like to sign up you can reply to this post after i am finished.

Dueling club is only for people 4th year to 7th. To the students who wish to participate but are younger then 4th year, the Junior dueling club will be held shortly after the older students finish on saturdays.

if anyone has any questions please see me.

Also... who ever decided the Demiguise looked cute in makeup... not nice now it wont come out of the back of the pen. We think we know who did it, Please keep your hands off the animals unless asked to help with them.

Professor N. Tonks
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Huffles only

Laying on a couch in the common room, Hannah began to read a book she had been putting off for a while. Deciding to do dueling club as well as charms and being the Quidditch captain has kind of made her feel rather overwhelmed but that was too bad, it at least kept her thoughts off things. Flicking through the pages of the curses and counter curses she listened to the fire crackle softly. The glow of the fire outlined her figure softly in the darkness.
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((Open to anyone))

Laying out by a tree, Glorie looked into the sky. It's perfect in every way. Kinda like him. She started singing a muggle song. Her favorite cousin had given her a music player and little music discs to go with it. She especially liked a group called Incubus. The words started flowing from her lips, "I'm home alone tonight full moon illuminates my room and sends my mind aflight I think I was dreaming up some thoughts that were seemingly possible, with you." Just as she finished the word you she saw someone watching her...
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(no subject)

He walked around outside far away from the other students. Looking into the woods every time he heard something moving around. He started to walk slower, dragging his feet, his stomach growling.

((Ravenclaws only))

Watching the flames of the commonroom fire Glorie sighed. She was in her favorite chair all cuddled up under her blue and yellow blanket. Leaning her head back against the chair she rested her eyes. Things have been going so fast, and I'm so lost. I only know what I feel, not what's really going on. I've tried to forget about the war. It's worked so far, but with all the dementors... In midthought Glorie heard someone walk into the commonroom. Her eyes shot open and she saw...
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(no subject)

Chloe yawned as she let her hand dangle off the window sill in the Slytherin common room. She'd made herself comfortable atop the sill, her knees bent up, and her hair sprawled behind her head. Her eyes were shut, and she yawned slightly, not hearing someone enter...
all smiles.

[[ open to terry. ]]

Catey stared at her feet as she waited on a wall in the courtyard for Terry to arrive to head for Hogsmeade. Her dark hair fell in her face and she hummed a song as she jabbed her hands in her pockets. I wonder if Terry thought of any costumes... She hadn't thought of any, except one and she doubted that Terry would agree with it. She let out a soft sigh, and continued waiting.
So this is my life?

Courtyard ((OPEN TO ANYONE))

Sitting in the Courtyard under a tree Neville was studying potions. The words were actually sticking in his head, he was having a good day. 'I can remember it, wow' he said really excited by this developement. He rarely remembered anything because of all the memory charms they used on him as a child to make him forget witnessing his parents torture. Why was he suddenly able to think clearly actually hear the words as they sank in. He began to feel confident, he found himself quoting bits of the potion he was going over with confidence in his voice. 'this is a good thing' he smiled. ... but why were the charms weakening?
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