July 24th, 2004


Open to anyone

Dima hated being a Hufflepuff very much sometimes, everyone always thought of him as a stupid halfwit which really wasn't the case. So what if he stuttered sometimes and had an accent? He could sling out curse words in dutch faster than most could blink their eyes. He was feeling not so happy when he decided to take a midnight stroll out by the lake...
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Tonks Makeup


Sitting in the Library going over material, Tonks found her self going from thoughts of Mike to thoughts of the Dark lord. Each thought more intriguing to follow. She found herself writing about the rare and majestic Mike, instead of the Unicorn. Seeing her flub up she blushed wildly and began to scratch it off her text...........
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(no subject)

Daphne was in the library reading over a random essay. She headed up to get a book she needed but stopped when someone else pulled the book she wanted out of the shelf. She glanced up at them. "Excuse me. I need that book as well."
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So this is my life?

((Gryffs only))

Sitting in the common room Neville found himself daydreaming. Luckilly enough for him he had Seamus's help with the charms exam the other week, but now he was faced with Potions.... What was he going to do? and lets face it Hermoine has been hiding in the tower he couldnt find her and he had already bugged her enough this year with potions problems.

So now he sits there in the common room wishing it was Snape who got attacked and not Flitwick......
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Seriously Sexy

Library : Open

Dating, they were dating... 'wow' was the only thoughts that were in terrys mind. Sitting in the library he smiled to himself going over some charms for Charms club. This was turning out to be a better weekend then he had anticipated.
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(no subject)

The long, hot and humid day at Hogwarts seemed as though it was one that would never end. Most students were trying to escape the heat by going out side and spending it in the lake. Blake, on the other hand, was still inside the Ravenclaw common room sitting on the couch with her eyes closed. It appeared that she was sleeping until a rather loud groan came from her lips and she opended her eyes. With her head still keaned back she raised her hands and tried to fan her self with then...with no success. Instead, she pulled her robes off and placed them beside her staring around the common room feeling like she wasn't alone.
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Running around like crazy getting everything ready, Tonks finds herself being the Only teacher who made time to do this. "AGH" she said as she walked outside and saw the amount of students going. "I must regrettably inform you all students under their 4th year will not be able to attend this trip" she said watching a mess of students looking rather peeved off but still willing to listen cause well, Tonks isnt a Git like Snape.

Making her way to the front of the line she starts to count heads.......
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Confused mind (open to anyone)

After all that had happened, she decided she some time to clear her head. She knew she wouldn't get any privacy in the gryff common room so she went to the library hoping most of the students were outside enjoying the nice weather they had been having. She found an empty seat towards the back, found a random book, and pretended to read it. In actuality she was trying to sort out her thoughts.
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ashlee // scarf

Glorie only!

Lisa walked up to her dormitory and fell back on her bed exhausted, it had been a long stressful day. She had gone to Hogsmeade to pick up the outfit her mom had owled her and had yet to see Glorie or Catey, or anyone. As if on cue she heard someone walking up the steps and then a squeal as something, or someone jumped onto her bed.

((Huffles only))

Gavin decided that he would stay in his house common room for once adn enjoy the surroundings. He never really thought about the area he lived in and his housemates. But as he sat there he was glad to have been sorted into it. Everyone was usually so happy and mellow, he enjoyed that atomsphere. Once he got himself situated into one of the big chairs he pulled his worn, leather-bound book out of his pocket and began writing.
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After experiencing a glorious day with her sister at Hogmeade, Padma collapsed onto the couch in the Ravenclaw common room, exhausted and enthralled.

After her breathing steadied and her head stopped spinning, she opened her eyes to find someone staring at her.