July 23rd, 2004


((Open to anyone))

Glorie was sitting by the lake thinking of what had happened the previous night. I really do care, but was it right? I know they say you should really love someone before you do something like that. I don't love him, yet, but I do really really like him. She had found her one piece bathing suit and had worn it. It had her house colors on it. She slipped into the water and floated on her back when she heard something and looked to see...
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She was laying down outside by the lake. She watched as the clouds slowly passed overhead, looking rather pensive. Closing her eyes she turned on her side looking toward the lake.
Mora Sassy

((Open to anyone))

Sitting below a shade tree on a blanket near the lake Mora watched the water calmly, her book of poetry beside her. No one seemed to be around so she pulled off her tank top revealing a blue and silver bikini top. Folding her shirt and laying it on her blanket she leans against the tree, humming softly to herself as she read her book. Every once in a while a soft smile crossed her face as a warm breeze blew through her red hair.
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Owl to Prof. McGonagall (sp?)

Dear Professor,
Attached to this owl are all the lesson plans I have made for those who are being tutored. Each one has their own lesson plan based on the strengths and weaknesses. Please look them over and tell me what you think.

Ginny Weasley
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((Open too ANyone))

After a good night talking to Parvati and not worrying anymore that they were just going as friends really relieved him. Seamus found himself whistling his hands shoved in his pockets he went for a walk towards Hagrids, he promised to feed the animals while Professor Tonks helped set up the fliers for the Dueling Club which she had taken over. Feeding the oddities that Hagrid had captured for class made him feel calm. "Silly little creatures" he said as the demiguise poked him in the leg for feeding him.

"Well look who it it........" he heard a voice say from behind him
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He was outside doing crunches behind several bushes. His face was already red when he started to breath harder. So many things were running threw his mind, that he could barley even feel the pain.

((huffles only))

Sitting in the common room she braids a fellow huffles hair. The girl she was helping looked like Hannah a little, same innocence except much younger. "Tell your mum i said hi in your next owl home" she smiled as she finished the first years hair. The little girl hugged her and ran off. 'I love my family' she smiled as she leaned into the couch. Her little cousin bolting up the girls stairs. She smiled, she never felt alone anymore since the first years started to file in early.
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Mora Sassy

((Raves only))

Sitting in the Ravenclaw common room bored out of her mind past curfew. Her head rested on the end of one couch while her legs draped over the end of the other one. She was wearing a black skirt and a black spagetti strap tank top. Her favorite Fairy pendent with pink wings dangled from her neck. humming a song she was working on, she felt someone looking at her.
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