July 22nd, 2004

Seriously Sexy

((Raves only))

Sitting in the common room he yawned, Insomnia once again doing its job, he sat alone playing cards. The whole room deathly silent. He flipped the cards and sighed, "how do you lose against yourself?" he asked the darkness. The only light was the fire which blazed in front of him.
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it's me!

Open to Padma only

Parvati walked down to the library to meet her sister, Padma, for the second time that day. She left her books upstairs in the common room hoping to just be able to talk to her sister. Parvati doodled in her diary for awhile, when she looked up, she smiled "Hey sis." she waved "Over here!"

((huffles only))

Trying on her dress she smiled to herself. This had to be the best ourfit she had ever found. Spinning around in it she grinned happily, she wondered what Ernie would think. She began to walk out of the girls side of the tower towards the common room still wearing the dress. The DressCollapse )
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Great Hall Everyone Can Be Involved!!!!

Another night of too much activity and too little studying has left Theo drained and trying to stay awake. Walking back from double potions with Draco they realize its lunch and head towards the great hall. Draco begins to tell Theo about all the dumb shit going on in his life at the moment. Theo sits there just shaking his head "maybe if youd stop playing hard to get?", Draco glared at him "im not playing 'hard to get' im playing 'get lost'" he snapped. That made Theo laugh harder, as they talked the Great Hall began to fill up..............
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((The lake..... open to anyone))

Seamus was out by the lake again after getting kicked out of potions for sleeping. He grinned although now he had a detention with Snape he was out of the class, and sitting near the shore. The water was so peaceful he could actually think while he was there. Seamus wondered where Neville had run off too he seemed to be pretty quiet since he asked some girl out and from what he heard he also had asked Hannah a friend of his who was with Ernie. Once again shot down Neville retreated to his room. 'poor guy' seamus though as he watched the water.
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Totally Terry

((Care of magical Creatures..... which i believe is a double course with huffles))

Terry was outside near a post listening to one of his favorite new teachers as she explained the properties of a Demiguise info on demiguise.Collapse )

These were the creatures they would all be studying this summer. Professor Tonks found these animals to be extremely interesting and had every intention on sparking the interests of her students.

Listening a little here and there Terry watched as the monkey like thing began to waddle around the pen annoyed. Tonks gave it some food an it calmed down considerably. Though it wasnt very attractive it was so tiny because it was a baby so all the girls wanted to pet it.

Terrys thoughts were else where, on quidditch, the war, the rumors.... everything but his studies
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[[Open To Slytherins]]

Pansy laid on a couch in the Slytherin Common room.She hummed a tune and the words escaped her lips Anything goes but don't blink you might miss " Cause heaven ain't close in a place like this, I said heaven ain't close in a place like this, Bring it back down, bring it back down tonight, Never thought I'd let a rumour ruin my moonlight" She closed her eyes and yawned, stretching her arms over her head. She left them above her head.She heard the quite sound of someone breathing, but left her eyes closed.
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black and white, default


It was a fantastically sunny day, and Dean was taking advantage of the great weather to catch up on some Potions reading outside in the sunshine. The Common Room had been too noisy, filled with students who were fed up with being stuck on the castle grounds, and Dean had found it absolutely impossible to concentrate. Outside, he was having a mildly better time of it, but the sunlight was getting distracting. Even more distracting was the shadow that suddenly fell across his page. "Can I help you?" he asked, turning around to see...
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Scary Dungeon (open to anyone)

She had forgotten her scrolls in the potions room, "Damn it! I really need them for tomorrow or Snape will give me detention till I graduate." She said to herself as she made her way to the dungeons. She thought that classes just end that there would still be students around, but boy was she wrong. The dungeons were dead. She started getting abit scared adn walked at a quicker pace. By the time she reached the potions room she was sprinting into the room and grabbed her stuff. Just then she heard a noise and screamed. (Not a stipud girlie scream and real scared shitless one.)
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Ryan walked around the common room, eyeing everything.His first day here and he was already bored.He hadnt met anyone yet, and doubted he would. He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and met
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((Open to anyone))

Glorie was sitting by the lake, thinking about school. She had her blue two piece on, the night before she had searched for her favorite suit, but was only able to find this one. I feel so naked. She pulled her towel around her. Suddenly she heard something behind her, she turned around to see...
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Seriously Sexy

((Alone at the Quidditch pitch anyone want to cheer him up?))

Sitting next to the goal post of the quidditch field Terry sighed heavily "i am a world class dolt, what in in the name of merlin is wrong with me?" he cracked his head on the back of the goal post and looked out over the empty field and stands. "why do i even bother with girls none of them are going to want to understand me anyway" he buried his hands in the ground below.
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all smiles.

(no subject)

Catey paced down the hallway, looking for Terry. Her hair was messy, as usual, and her eyes were slightly red still, and she had tried to fix them with makeup as best she could. Her uniform was on slightly sloppy. She had her white shirt on, although it was untucked, and her Ravenclaw tie hung loose on her neck. She wasn't wearing her pull-over vest, and her sleeves were pushed up to her elbows. She clicked her tongue and looked down each corridor, hoping to find Terry in one of them.
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Mora Sassy

((New girl in the Ravenclaw house open to anyone))

Morag walked in from a extended stay in Wales. Being told she was to go straight back to school wasnt exactly what she had in mind for a holiday. But since her parents insisted she went back to the same school she has attended since her first year. Lifting her sunglasses up and resting them on her head she sighed dragging one of her two bags up the stairs. She watched as the house elfs snatched up her trunk."well at least there is an upside to being home" she smiled. Walking down the hall she headed towards how she remembered to get to Ravenclaw. Morag ,or Mora as she prefers to be called, closed her eyes and began to walk. Leading her perfectly back to the entrance to Ravenclaw. Hearing a smash behind her she turned to see Peeves throwing pots and pans at her. "Nice to see you too you ruddy pain in the neck". She was about to continue up the stairs when she ran into someone.
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:::withoutatrace::  Me sad

(no subject)

Blaise sat in the Slytherin common room looking down at a book on his lap. Turning the page every few minutes. He was concentrating very hard on the words, barely even noticing when someone came in the room.
EYe am watching

((Outside Hagrids Hut))

Setting up the unicorns for Mikes art class made her heart flutter. Romance wasnt exactly a game she was ever good at. She was lost in thought when Hagrid asked if she needed any help. "Well actually i would love some help, i need to get this pen a little bigger if you dont mind" she smiled and Hagrid did exactly what she asked with out a complaint he loved to help out Tonks. "Thank you so much Hagrid" she said hugging him like the big teddy bear he was " 'o course miss Tonks 'nythin fur you" he smiled patting her lightly on the head he went back into his hut to feed Fang.

Brushing the unicorns carefully tonks smiled at their pure white coats. Then hearing footsteps she turned thinking the class was starting.
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Mora Sassy

Courtyard ((open to anyone))

The first day back of classes over and done with, Mora found herself outside writing in her journal and doing some extra potions studying before she got slammed by all the late work she would have to make up. She laid on her stomach and crossed her legs behind her swinging them as she read the potions book. Twirling her hair a bit she turned the page, she saw a ball roll past her and her book. Looking up she saw the owner of the ball........
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Who wants Hannahs Help?

The dance had gotten Hannah really excited and showing around new students always made her day. But now she was exhausted and she still had to tutor some people in herbology. She walked to the green house not really paying attention to her surroundings. Then there she saw a light in the green house she realized she must be late for lessons. She opened the door to find someone standing there......
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Open to Ravenclaws

Luna sat in the empty Ravenclaw common room, plucking at the strings of the guitar in her lap distractedly. She didn't really know how to play, but strumming on the guitar helped her relax. Luna started to hum along with the song she was making, when the portrait hole opened, and someone walked in. Luna didn't take any notice, she just kept playing, but the person cleared their throat and Luna looked over to see...
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open to all

Justin just came back from the care for magical creatures class , he was wondering how his mother and father where , he hated being away from them , especially in these times . He sat down on a bench looking at the sky .


Ryan sat in the Ravenclaw common room and chewed on a straw.He was nervous.He had heard alot about her.'Shes your type..'stuff like that. He hadnt seen her, but at this point it didnt matter.He was sure she was gorgeous.
kissy face [????]

Open to all...

Laura had finally satisfied her desire to explore every inch of the Hogwarts castle, and found herself incredibly hungry. She walked into the Great Hall and sat down at the Hufflepuff table then preceded to eat. She felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up...

Seamus in the Common Room

Spending most of his night wondering if he should end the dance thing with Parvati, stick it out or maybe just give her a chance. He was so confused and he was sick of being lonely. Sitting in the common room he thought about everything he did wrong from the start with Parvati and he sighed "im a down right fool why does she like me?" he looked as though he was ready to give up hope with girls in general. Thats when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder
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open to anyone

Dima left the Hufflepuff common room in a hurry...he didn't really have many friends and when they weren't around, there was no need to stay inside. He grabbed his guitar, his only companion that didn't ever leave when he wanted it to stay and went out to the lake. The moon was full and shining down on the lake making the view something one would think quite desirable, but it was on nights like that that he felt most alone. Pushing away thoughts of loneliness, he began to strum on his guitar...