July 20th, 2004


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[20 Jul 2004|01:02am]
It was early in the morning, earlier then must people got up and fog still clung to the grounds of Hogwarts. Hunter was moving about with his eyes closed, performing a series of martial arts excerises. His little brother had always wanted to take martial arts classes but wouldn't do it unless big brother did it with him, and now, Hunter found just going through the routine relaxing. He was wearing sweatpants only, his feet and chest bare, with his wand tucked into the waist band in case of dementors. If they attacked a teacher, there was nothing to stop them attacking a student.

He finshed his routine and bowed to the imaginary master before opening his eyes to find someone watching him through the mist...

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Sitting in her office she waits for any interesting knock or disturbance. Her lesson plan made her work set up for the next evening; Tonks found herself passing the time thinking of the good times she had back in school.

Looking out her window at the forest Tonks smiled, all the times she got a detention for going in there with out permisson had her smiling rather then being sad.

A knock on her door shook her out of memory lane.
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Catey had made her way back to the girls dormitories in a hurry, and leaned herself in the doorway, her hands rubbing through her hair, "I'm sooooo sorry I'm late, Glorie! What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"
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((Ginny Only))

Sitting in the Dungeons waiting for the Weasel brat he got testy. 'Why the hell am i helping her? She has been nothing but a thorn in my side since she got here' he thought to himself as he began to pace inside the Potions room. All he heard besides his steps was a dripping noise coming from beyond the room. 'Why should i even bother, this will only end in a fight and anger.' he thought anxiously. Draco turned to leave because he was sick of waiting and getting rather fidgety just thinking about how furious she made him.

Draco stopped dead in his tracks, there stood his Pupil for the evening. Holding a cauldron of her own and a stern look on her usually playful or hateful face.
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Open to all...

Lisa grabbed her writing notebook and headed down to the Great Hall for lunch. She saw her table was empty, and she frowned a littl as she sat down, she hadn't seen her friends lately, Glorie was usually with Theo, and Catey had been with Terry or practiving Quidditch non-stop. Lisa enjoyed being by herself but she had to admit, she was a bit miffed over her friends ditching her. Shrugging her shoulders she open her notebook and began to finish lyrics for a song she was writing while munching on a sandwich.

A nice day under a willow tree (open to anyone)

He just finished all his work and decided to retire to have favorite spot for a bit. As he walked the halls her saw a bunch of people, so uber happy about who their dates are to the dance, and those uber unhappy for not being asked, or the one they wanted to take was taken. He shook his head and smiled to himself, *I'm so glad I'm new here, I don't have to deal with any of this* He did feel abit sorry for the wallfolwers though. He shrugged and took is spot under the willow tree that now had a dent under it where his always sat.
He then pulled a small book out of his back pocket and began writing thing every once and awhile, when the spirit moved him.
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((open to slys only))

Sitting in the common room, Theo had a rather satisfied smile upon his face. The other night played over and over in his head. How interesting things were now that chloe had entered the slytherin house. You would think she had belonged there all alone. Sitting in a very comfortable char, his mind to involved in the other night, Theo doesnt hear someone approach him.
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((who wants to chill with and irish millionare...))

Sitting on the fence near Hagrids hut Seamus finds himself trying to pass the time rather unsuccessfully. His mind all a blurr with the latest drama in his already too hectic life. "Sheesh" he thought just wondering what was next to mess with his comfortable little existence. The animals in the pen behind him made bizarre noises he watched them curiously "so are you things what Professor Tonks will be teaching us?" he quered the animals who only grunted in response.
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((open to anyone))

Trent squatted by the edge of the lake, his wand in one hand. It swept back and forth in graceful archs, as he mumbled under his breath. The water before him rose in a cloumn that carved itself into various shapes. But these weren't any shapes. The water flicked from Tigars, to bears, to snakes, to dinosours, all on thier most fearsome behaviour.

A sounds disturbed him from behind, causing the water to fall back into the lake. Furious, Trent stood and turned to face the one who had disturbed him. "Mind not sneaking up on people?"

((huffles only))

Sitting in the common room Hannah sewed her dress, she was going as an ancient princess. She always wanted to wear a yellow dress with an old flare of elegance and now she had her chance. Humming softly as she sewed her dress she neglected to hear someone come up behind her and put their hands on her shoulders.
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