July 19th, 2004


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Cho sat outside scribbling rapidly in a notebook. She leaned against the tree with her notebook on her knees. 'Okay...now to decide what day i should have the quidditch practice...' She continued scribbling fast...'Hmm and the try-outs...' She was deep in thought.
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Lisa sat contently by the lake watching the Giant Squid. The sun was setting in the horizon and she watched it set. After it set she stood up to start walking back to the school. She was taking her last glance over the grounds and someone interrupted it.
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Glorie was sitting quietly in the spot that Theo had showed her. Watching the dementors she shuddered. Why do they have to be here? And that poor professor. She shivered again just thinking about those stupid creatures. Then her mind turned back to Theo...Why can't I stop thinking about him, I'm like a lovesick puppy...wait..am I in..love?


Luna wandered aimlessly out to the lakefront and sat down, staring into space. She was dreamily humming a song to herself -- "Weasley is Our King." She smiled and waved at some passer-bys.

"Beautiful day, isn't it?" She called. The students exchanged looks. Of course, Loony Lovegood would think it's a lovely day, there was only the Dementors milling around, You-Know-Who could attack Hogwarts at any moment, and she thought it was a beautiful day. Well, they didn't call her "Loony" for nothing.

Luna played with her butterbeer cap necklace distractedly and laid back on the grass, closing her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a kick in her side, and someone sprawling on top of her. She cracked open one eye to see who had tripped over her...
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Jeremiah yawned as he sat in the Great Hall picking at his breakfast. His nose was burried in a book written by Edgar Allan Poe, a Muggle writer, and his hazel eyes scanned the pages. He chewed his food slowly, and sipped some of the coffee next to his plate occasionally. What to do today...
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Lisa walked down the halls singing a Muggle song under her breath "The best part about being a woman is the parogative to have a little fun, fun yeah. Whoa-oh, oh totally crazy, forget I'm a lady..." She was so involved with singing that she didn't even notice the person apporaching her, that person was...