July 18th, 2004

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Isabella walked out of the Gryffindor common room. She walked around the corridors looking for someone to talk to. She was feeling homesick. She kept walking until she saw someone up ahead sitting on a bench. She walked over to talk to them.

"Bonjour, I am Isabella."
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:::withoutatrace::  Me sad

(no subject)

He sits outside on the edge of the forbidden forest. Reading a book called 'Potions of Power'. He slowly drifts in and out of conciseness. Finally giving up he leans back and closes his eyes.

((Open to anyone))

Walking around in a daze, Glorie looked down at her hands. What's wrong with me? It's not like he's gonna be gone forever. Maybe I should go see him. No, I shouldn't that would be pushing it. Go to the commonroom? No, I'd have to answer someone about why I'm being so quiet. I'll just walk around. She walked to the Great Hall. Changing her mind she went to the library. She got out a book and started reading...
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((only the freaks come out at night . teehee))

Tonks had already set up her office and bedroom, which was currently Pink Black and Silver. The Entire office had become very homey to her. Walking out of the office past Curfew made her think she could be in very real trouble. Thats when she realized she is a teacher not a student anymore. That made her breath a little easier. "I cant believe im not a student anymore" she mumbled remembering all the fun she had only 9 years ago during her 6th year at Hogwarts. it was crazy to remember when sneaking around was necessary and Snape would be watching her extremely carefully knowing she was a mischeif maker.

Scanning the halls making sure no one was up to no good, because the dementors scared her and she didnt want them getting near them. Expecially after what they did to Professor Flitwick, they could do far worse to a less experienced student. Turning a corner Tonks noticed someone out of the corner of her eyes and she started to walk towards them, her wand lit above her head.
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((in the great hall open to everyone))

Hearing about Flitwick he began to feel very bad, considering he was the last person before the Professor to be attacked by them. Seamus found himself feeling guilty over something he couldn't control. Walking towards the Great Hall Seamus shoved his hands in his pockets and walked with his head facing down. He didnt want to look at anyone, the guilt was written on his face.

He made his way to the Gryffindor table and he sat there stirring his mash potatos mindlessly.
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((Huffles Only))

A very rough day has left Hannah exhausted and lying on a couch in the common room. The candles flickered in the room as she turned over facing the cushions.

Today was a day of extreme pain and headaches because Professor Sprout had been very upset over the loss of her dear friend Filius. Flitwick had gone to St. Mongos and what that meant for the school they werent sure. Who was going to watch over the Ravenclaws who was gonna teach charms? She knew that Sprout had been thinking about all these things, because she was an emotional wreck sending Hannah to do all the chores around the greenhouse.

After fighting off another infestation of giant green worms and pruning the Flutterby Plant; Hannah finally found herself sleeping on the couch and feeling a little rejuvenated....
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Terry Blue

Out in the courtyard ((open to anyone))

Sitting below a tree in the courtyard studying Transfiguration. Charms has been put on hold until they could find a Teacher to Fill the position. They now had an extra Hour or so in the day to themselves. He saw many of the Students in his class playing games outside. Wizards chess, Exploding snap and what appeared to be Catch with a enchanted balloon which would squirt ink at you if you dropped it.

Terry smiled watching them all act carefree like that. Sitting there alone an owl swooped down with a note from his family. 'Finally' he thought as he undid the note sending the owl on its way.

***Owl***Collapse )

He finished reading the owl and felt much better. Terry sat there calmly watching the day go by.
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FOR SKYE~Contains FS

Clove wandered up the stairs to the Hufflepuff dorm, many flyers in hand. She'd just finished making a new batch. Calling over the stack of stuff she was carrying she couldn't see where she was going., "Hi Skye! I'm here!" She stumbled in to the room and dropped her crap on her bed. She turned to her friend pink cheeked from climbing all the stairs.
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Tonks Makeup

((NEw post with the new journal)) Open to anyone!

Walking outside to the Animal pen she grins at Hagrid. "Ello, Hagrid its been a while" she said her smile beeming at him. Hagrid laughed, after the last brush with the ministry he was asked no longer to teach by fudge. So he was relieved when it was going to be Tonks who was taking over. "Did you find the animals i wanted to teach with?" she asked while looking at a couple of the odd creatures he already had inside. "Oh of course i have some ideas for your lesson plans also" they walked into Hagrids hut and talked about the future teaching plans and animals he would be able to get for classes.

After some tea and sharing of ideas, Tonks waved goodbye to Hagrid. "Ill be back tomorrow with my class see you then" she smiled and headed up the grassy hill and back into the castle. Walking along some dark hallways trying to get a feel for her school enviroment again, Tonks found herself in a empty hall that she had once gotten trapped in as a child. Tapping on the side of the wall the hall shifted and she walked out with out a scratch.

"pretty interesting trick you did back there..." she heard from behind her. Tonks turned around to reveal.............
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all smiles.

(no subject)

Catey had decided to spend her Sunday afternoon under a shade tree by the lake. She had made her way out there, wearing yet another Muggle outfit, slightly baggy jeans, and a black shirt, her hair up messily, and she had laid her blanket out on the grass, laying down on it and staring up at the clouds between the tree branches. She sighed, last night was still on her mind, as was the day before. Why couldn't she just tell him honestly?


She slowly walks out toward the lake to watch the sunset. She doesn't really pay attention to what's going on around her because she's completely wrapped up in her own thoughts.

((OPEN TO ANYONE)) by the lake

Sitting on a branch near the lake his camera in his hand. "Why the heck is this school so confusing?" he said to himself watching the water and swinging his leg move a little bit with the wind. He hadnt seen Dean in a while and should probably see how he was doing. All he knew was he was feeling very alone.

There was a rustle in the bushs behind his tree, he turned to see................
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sad or serious


Isabella walked into the empty common room and sat down on the couch near the fire, waiting for Ron. She had a tissue in her hand to catch the few tears she had shed. She was feeling very homesick, but was looking forward to chatting with Ron.
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