July 17th, 2004

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open to gryff's only!

Parvati yawned and streched out on the couch in the common room. She had just finished her Charms essay. She laid on the entire length of the couch re-reading her esay. When she was satisfied she sent it to her room by magic and then began to think. She frowned when she thought about Lavendar & Seamus [ooc: not together of course because poor vati! lol]. She hadn't seen Lavendar around much lately and Seamus had been acting so strange. Of course she dismissed those thoughts quickly when she remembered hearing about the dementor attack on the Quidditch field that day. Things were getting bleaker and bleaker, she was glad to have a distraction like Seamus to cheer her up, Parvati smiled and was so deep in thought that she didn't even notice.....

WARNING: adult content

Skye walked out onto the Astronomy tower. She walked over to the nearest ledge and hopped up onto the edge of it. She crossed her legs and waited for Dean to arrive. She was wearing a pink strappy tank top, and short denim skirt. Her long red hair fell down her shoulders, curling into ringlets at the bottom. She had on a pair of pink high healed shoes. It was her favorite outfit. She played with the heart on her charm bracelet as she waited for Dean.
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((Open for Chloe only))

Sitting at the base of the Salazar Slytherin statue, Draco was told to wait for the new girl and show her around. From what Draco heard about her she wasnt a little pushover or too full of themselves to actually pay attention to what he was forced to say. He wasnt exactly dreading this encounter, he thought it would be nice to talk to someone who wasnt stuck on the old way of thinking, even though he himself has been known for thinking like that.

'An exchange student, cant be too bad right? means the mudbloods might not have gotten to her yet...' he shuddered at that thought, those filthy little beasts trying to talk to him as if he was equal to them.

Draco was so lost in thought he didnt even hear anyone approach him, until they were practically on top of him...
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Terry Blue

(open to ravenclaws)

Terry once more the insomniac as always spent the night in the common room trying to exhaust himself to sleep. Pacing back and forth his mind now full of his encounters with Catey, which he wasnt sure why but she really blew his mind. But she was always there why hadnt he noticed her before, like really noticed her.

Perhaps his mind was so focused on the war, the dementors, and the Death Eater outbreak that he really never paid attention to the girls and the life he was wasting around him. But how long could he focus on someone else before he went back to worrying about his family and his little sisters. This school closing him in like this so far from his siblings made him really want to just runaway back to home just to be sure they were alive and well. But he of course wouldnt admit that he was a guy, he kept his bloody trap shut.

Continuing his pacing across the common room floor, one might think he would wear a grove right into the floor boards. As he did this he fiddled with a key ring with a little charm for his 3 little sisters on it....
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((flitwick in a coma.... our first one to go down.. hehe drama?))

Another encounter with a Dementor my be his last. Professor Flitwick was crept up on while helping outside the green house, he felt as if every happy thought he has ever had was drained from his body. 'i hope i wont have to take a leave of absense who on earth could take my place' he thought as he now laid in the hospital wing, his old tired and weak body trying to cope with the pain it was now in.

Mrs. Malfoy walked in and out of the room, although she is known as a shrewd woman she seemed to be ok with taking care of him... perhaps he miss judged her.

Filius fell asleep soon after with out another thought... He slipped into what looked like the living death.... how odd.

((ooc- did you want narcissa to move up in the ranks and become charms professor? i was thinking of bringing in Tonks as one of my characters to take on a class or care of magical creatures.))
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((Enter Tonks))

Being called back to Hogwarts after such a long time off in the world trying, not always succeeding, but at least trying to keep the dark forces at bay. Tonks finds herself holding her bags at the entrance of the castle. A little blinded by the beauty of the castle she has to smile. "oh how i missed this place". She said with a grin on her face. But she knew why she was called here. Dumbledore wanted to be sure to have more people that supported the safety of the school and its students on staff. And what better then a member of the Order of the Pheonix.

Tonks took a couple steps into the castle when she heard some students zoom by her. She looked like one of them she was still so young only 9 years older then harry and she was shorter then him to boot. Thinking about him made her smile, He was someone Sirius always talked very highly about.

She looked around to find out where she would be staying since Hagrid still was grounds Keeper she would be having a Office in the building but where she would be was beyond her.
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all smiles.


Catey went back to the same place she had spent her afternoon with Terry and sat down, leaning against the wall. It was a Saturday, no classes. She was wearing Muggle clothes, pants that were slightly too big for her, and a tighter green shirt. It went extremely well with her eyes. Her green hair was up out of her face messily, and the shorter strands were shoved behind her ears, bound to pop out any minute. She let out a sigh, and shut her eyes softly, but then opened them again as she heard footsteps coming toward her...
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Open to anyone

She had just got done with her homework in the library and tutoring a Hufflepuff boy when she decided she had done enough for one day adn started packing up her stuff. Once everything was up and packed, she quietly pushed her chair in and went to exit the library when someone ran into her, making her drop afew things.

Open like a chinese food resturant on Christmas day. ^^

Clove had pamphlets. Many, many many. She was on her lunch break handing them out to students. "The way they cook carrots is appalling! Boiling them to a soggy mess is not how to make a students mouth water! Rally on Wednesday...rally on Wednesday...hope to see you there. Rally against carrots..." She was handing them out to students who really didn't look interested.

She sighed softly wishing somebody looked interested. She was just about to give up and go back to her table when somebody bumped in to her and made all of her papers go flying. "Crikey." She muttered and looked at the person. "Help me pick them up?" she asked expecting them to laugh and walk off.
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all smiles.


It was late on Saturday night and Catey's insomnia had kicked in. She sat in the window sill next to the stairs, staring blankly outside at the stars. She was in her pajamas, navy blue silky pants, a white tank top, and fuzzy black slippers. She hadn't seen Terry, and kind of wanted to know what exactly was going on between them. She let out a supressed sigh, and leaned her head against the stone wall of the sill.
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