July 16th, 2004


((open for Hunter or Ernie when Amy gets back ^^))

Hannah sat in the library thinking about Hunter and Ernie and wondering what she was feeling, Why did hunter make her heart jump like it did. She also wondered why Ernie tried to act as if he was her keeper, she really just didnt get it. Was he jealous? 'Is it tha obvious i think hunter is cute and fun to be around?' she asked herself in her head.

thats when she heard someone coming......
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(no subject)

Lisa sat at a table in the library writing down notes for Charms. She turned to look around to see if anyone had come in to the library. 'This should be simple,it's one of my best classes..'
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((open 2 ravenclaws))

'I can't believe we have to write a 3 page essay for charms..I guess It shouldn't be that bad.'She thought as she copied notes from a book about Locomotion Charms in the Ravenclaw common room. Once she had finished with that book she changed to a book on Muggle Repelling. 'I think I'll go take a break and walk around. I can return these books too.' As soon as Cho left the common room she bumped into someone and dropped all her books. "Oh no.."
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Seamus grabbed his stuff for practice club and his comet 260, and down the common room stairs he bolted, He made his way out of the castle to where Harry was waiting, They all started to fly in the air and get to their usual Routine when a dementor who felt their energy started to slide towards them. None of them noticed till Seamus could see his breath and it was the middle of July, he started to plummet towards the ground practically frozen to the ground, and then he felt himself letgo of his broom and fly closer and closer to the ground.

There was a gasp in the team as Harry flew down at an alarming rate he picked Seamus up by the back of his uniform stopping him from crashing. At once he knew what the problem was and performed a Patronus, Laying Seamus on the ground who looked rather stunned "what the hell just happened Harry?" he said feeling heat and happiness revisit his body. Someone gave him chocolate "welcome back to the Dementors, i guess they are done trying to suck the life out of me, they moved onto others" he said bluntly.

The whole team stood there until Seamus could move again and Harry called the practice off until the next day. "Dear Merlin that was the scariest thing ever." Seamus said to Ron as he handed him back his broom, which luckily enough for him didnt shatter into a million pieces and they all walked back into the castle towards their common room.
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Terry Blue

((people in the Ravenclaws Defense Against the Dark Arts, Only))

Running into Seamus a little after his potions class and Seamus's Transfiguration class he told him the news about the Dementor. Terry's heart jumped if they had been out there would it have been him who could of had the near death experience. Terry went off to Professor Flitwick and told him what happened and he was quite alarmed. Running about like a chicken with his head cut off Flitwick rushed his tiny body to find Dumbledore.

'I guess Seamus never told a Professor or never had the chance' he thought to himself as he headed back to his next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. When he walked in practically everyone was talking about it, 'news travels fast' he said in his head seeing as everyone had a different version then the one Seamus told him, he found it almost comical.

They were just getting ready for class to start when he got a Tap on his shoulder, Terry looked up to find.........
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all smiles.


Catey sat downstairs in the Ravenclaw common room, alone, working on her Astronomy. Her hair was put up messily, but strands of her choppy bangs were still in her eyes. Her quill scratched on the parchment, and she dipped it in the inkwell occasionally, her green eyes staying focused on the paper. Her shirt had it's top two buttons undone, and her tie was undone, but around her neck still, and she had her right leg crossed over the left. Her knee high socks were pulled up perfectly, and she had her black mary-jane shoes on. She let out a sigh, and dipped her quill in the inkwell once more, and thought to turn around when she heard someone enter the common room...

((Open to everyone, ESPECAILLY NEW PEOPLE! What can I say, I like spreading the love! ))

It was raining outside as the Ravenclaw team came in from Quidditch practice and Hunter coundl't resist the urge to shake his shaggy hair like a wet dog. He sprayed some of the people near him, earning both glares and laughs. Ignoring both, for he couldn't care less, he waved to Cho, before heading off down the hall to the Owlry to check to see if there was any new mail from his brother. He was totally oblivious to the people he passed in the halls untill he tripped over...

((Same as the Hunter Post ;P ))

Ron sat in the library in a secluded corner, wrapped up in a ball on the couch, staring into the fireplace. He'd been there for a few days really, coming there to think between meals and classes. He still couldn't get over the fact a girl actually liked him. Sure he flirted and acted like hot stuff, but that's because he never actually expected a girl to like him back. And now that one did...Ron was seriously afraid he'd screwed it up for good. He was so lost in thought, that he didn't notice someone come in untill they blocked the fire from his few.

((Trying to let all the boys out for a bit! Same as Ron and Hunter's posts))

Ernie stood by the lake, skipping rocks from the pile he had collected which now rested at his feet. It kept his mind off things. How he'd majorly screwed up with Hannah, how He obviously counld't compete with the mysterious Hunter, and how he was a totally lousy friend. He sighed as he skipped another rock across the smooth water. Exactly how else could he screw up?

It wasn't untill he heard a splash when he realized he wasn't alone...

Notice to all in Transfiguration classes


In light of recent developments, I am assigning a project to all of my students with the intention of supplementing both their Transfiguration and DADA studies. You will be required to research and present three rolls of parchment on the possible defensive uses of Transfiguration spells at your level of study by mid-term. You will be tested upon your knowledge of these spells by a final practical examination. I am available for private tutoring by appointment.

Professor McGonagall

(no subject)

Hannah sat alone in the green house, once again really trying to figure out if she liked Ernie. She was just so confused by all the swirling feelings of guilt, saddness, and well.. love.. her heart was so mixed up she didnt even hear anyone walking in.....
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(no subject)

Theo was rather high spirited after his other evening with the first Ravenclaw he ever actually could talk to on a level that he didnt want to hex them into oblivian. Walking towards the Great Hall he was humming to himself, he hadnt seen Blaise in a while and he was figuring it was time to touch base on what was happening in his life. They always got along rather well.
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Chloe, the new foreign exchange student from Spain, sat in the Slytherin common room, staring blankly into the fire. Her platinum blonde hair laid stick straight down her back. She sighed in frustration, trying to think of a way to make herself known to her housemates.

(no subject)

Glorie was walking back to the Ravenclaw commonroom, from her charms class. I'm pretty sure I passed that test. Humming softly to herself she stopped and looked out a window. It's so pretty...I wonder what it'd be like to make out under the stars.. Feeling eyes on her she turned around and saw...
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