July 15th, 2004


Off to visit Mum

He realized he had been such a horrible son, Dracos mother has been there for a couple days and he hadnt visited her yet. Draco made his way through the annoying little children and a few meddeling professors wondering when he would be tutoring certain "pet projects" in potions and he shook his head in disgust. If there was anything he hated more then helping tutor it was the fact he was being forced into it.
Draco walked up to the hospital wing and knocked on the door. "Mum, its me...." he said sternly so no one could tell he cared.
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((theo is available for rping))

Practicing his potions work, Theo stood in the usual empty potions classroom. Professor Snape had given him a pass to practice and work on some things he needed to catch up. Slytherins as usual got what ever they wanted, but he knew if he planned on passing this summer course he would at least need to concentrate a little more on his studies.

But for some reason today may have been the worst day for him to try and concentrate. Theo's father had sent him an owl today saying along the lines of "things are going well, and many people are feeling stronger". This could only mean the Dark Lord was gaining power once more and replenishing his now weak forces. Could he be next to go over and join, he knew he couldnt until he got out of school, but did he really want to risk his own death for the life of someone he wasnt so sure he put his faith in.

Mulling over these thoughts in his head, he didnt feel or hear anyone come in behind him until he felt a hand on his shoulder.... to this he spun around....
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it's me!

Open to all...

Stressed after their big charms exam Parvati went up to her dormitory to grab a book from her nightstand. She placed it in her bag along with a journal then walked outside onto the Hogwarts grounds, she finally selected a spot settle down leaning against a tree next to the lake. Parvati smiled to herself then picked her book up and began to read, she was so absorbed with what she was reading that she didn't even notice a shadow that was covering her until...
Terry Blue

((New Ravenclaw Open to anyone))

Terry walked in from quidditch practice holding his newly purchased Firebolt, he saved up all year to get it and now he finally could fly properly. He walked up the stairs holding his quidditch club in his hand and yawned, he was so exhausted between studying and practice he must have seemed like he was barely there at all. He turned the corner where he ran into.......
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all smiles.

(no subject)

Catey had been wandering around the corridors late, she was never one to follow the curfew rules, and as she crawled through the Ravenclaw portrait hole she looked around, tip toeing as to not be heard. She'd never been spotted sneaking back in, but she had an uneasy feeling that someone was lurking somewhere in the common room. Her dark brown hair fell into her eyes and she tried to blink it out of the way as she made her way to the couch. She was almost there when she thought she heard a noise. Her green eyes scanned every corner of the Common Room, and she stood flat on her feet, slipping her hands into her pocket and biting her bottom lip, waiting for a Prefect to come out and scold her.
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(no subject)

Sitting out in the common room, Draco sat reading the Daily Prophet again, hoping to find any signs of his fathers where abouts. 'why didnt he try to contact me or my mum? Is he ok, did he rejoin the Dark Lord, is he coming back?' he was now basically thinking instead of reading.

Dracos gray eyes stared blankly at the printed pages.
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Message to his Charms Students

I am rather dissappointed with how the latest exam has gone, i think i may have had one or two people who passed with full marks...
Perhaps their heads are too full with eachother and not enough room is left for their studies.

So in order to make up for this i want you all to write a Paper about the importance of Muggle-Repelling Charms and Locomotion Charms. It should be no less then 3 Sheets of Parchment. And as much as i hate to do this to you i need to know that you are learning things in my class.

Thank You

~Professor Flitwick
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Terry Blue

(no subject)

Sitting in the empty Ravenclaw common room Terry found it to be very boring, His studying finished and all of the homework handed in or back in his room, Terry found himself playing solitaire. 'Now if you want boring this is it' Terry thought to himself.

After Curfew seemed to be the most boring hours that just drug on and never seemed to end. Leaving his cards there on the table he walked to a window and opened it. Below he saw Dementors and Hagrid trying to calm down the animals. He sighed heavily wishing he could go for a walk outside. "prison... this is worst then Azkaban" he mumbled
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(no subject)

Professor Sproute left the greenhouse , murmuring something about *blasted worms always eating my new plants*
She didn't look where she was going thinking about a way to get rid of them , when she suddenly bumped into someone looking up she saw .

open to gryffs only

The great hall was beginning to fill with the familiar faces, as Seamus walked in and noticed an empty chair near Ron and Neville. Neville looked at Seamus with a face that meant 'i think i flunked again'. "Oi mate cheer up it couldnt have been that bad right?" he tried to say with enthusiasm, but even Seamus couldnt talk his way out of that exam.

The guys tried to lighten the conversation with talking about the Dance again, Neville once again looked depressed, burying his face in his mash potatos. Ron and Seamus burst into laughter so loud Seamus almost fell off the bench. Neville wiped his face and they laughed in unison.

Dinner being over was either a blessing or a curse, it now meant they had to go back into captivity of their common room. The guys made their ways up the stairs to the Fat Ladies Portrait. Making sure no other houses were around they said the password and headed into the common room. Ron started telling a joke to neville when it was interrupted by someone entering the room....
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glowy in a car

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Jeremiah sat down in the common room, in a corner, away from everyone else. He had a quill in his hand and a piece of parchment and was writing something. Writing, could Jeremiah ever leave it alone? Music was his escape. His own world...away from everyone and everything. He had finished the song and held his acoustic guitar in his arms, he began to strum some chords lightly, singing softly, as nobody was around him. He blinked his hazel eyes and smiled, that sounded right.