July 13th, 2004


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Pansy walked around..wandering..thinking. Was it Blaise she liked or Draco? Was Draco right that Blaise would just use her? She was confused..about life..about everything. She walked up the steps to the Astronomy tower and looked out at the grounds. "Bloody Boring Place" She said.

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Sitting in the Slytherin Common Room reading a spellbook she's sent for from her families library. She occasionally looks up as someone new enters the common room before returning to her studies.

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Draco sighed heavily holding his potions notes he sat under a large tree near the lake studying. "First impressions" he shook his head, he always seemed to be screwing up things when it came to people, but why the hell should he care. Perhaps later he will ask his mum since she has now replaced madam pomfrey in the school he could always just go down to the Hospital wing. The sunlight streamed through the leaves and caught lightly on his violently blonde hair.
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Sitting in the library reading a book, Glorie suddenly noticed Seamus and Neville. Looking at Seamus she thought to herself, 'If only I had the courage to just tell him.' Knowing she wasn't the best at conversing she debated with herself on whether or not to talk to him. She walked towards him and smiled. Then someone tapped on her shoulder, turning around she saw...
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Parvati slammed her textbook closed "Screw this!" she muttered angrily "I am so sick of trying to be perfect like Padma. I am outta here!" She changed into some sweats and threw her hair up in a messy bun. She stormed out of the common room and walked outside on the grounds. She didn't care if Flich caught her, she just got outside and ran. She jogged around the grounds for about an hour until she became so exhausted she decided to head back to the common room. Covered with sweat and mud she cautiously began her journey back to the room. She was halfway there when she heard a noise behind her, she spun around to see...

In the Library

Seamus and Neville studied hoping Ron would swing by to help get Neville ready for the Charms exam coming up they waved at Hannah who walked over grabbed some notes neville made for her in herbology and she bounced off again. they both smiled and neville went red "oi pal dont tell me you like her?" Neville told him to buggar off, and they both laughed going over Banishing charms, "maybe we should practice this in an empty classroom later once we are done with the pronounciations." Seamus said really hoping to help his friend a bit
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Theo walked to the Astronomy tower after his last encounter with Daphne he was once confused as all hell. he sat in a window sill and wrote in his journal.

(begin entry)
You know what these girls in hogwarts never know what the hell they want anymore... i seriously give up trying to understand them at all.
Malfoys mother started working here as the New school nurse, which should be good because i know she wont try to torture me next time i fall off my broom.
Little huff seems confused.... ah the darkness, so interesting.
(end of entry)

He stops writing the private thoughts when he hears someone coming, he slips his journal in his robes pocket and pretends to be interested in the moon.
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He stood in the Green house working on pruning the Flutterby Bush, that was in desperate need of it. She hummed to herself a song she once heard by the weird sisters. Dancing around a bit to it she turns around and is stunned to find someone watching her.......
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