July 12th, 2004

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*Sitting in the great hall alone at the Slytherins table, Blaise sits.   He moves his arms up and begins to rest his head on his elbows, with his hands covering his mouth.    He slowly closes his eyes and rubs them with his hands. Taking in a deep breath as he moves his hand to pick up a quill. Opening his journal he begins to write. *

How can they keep us here? It's like a prison full of mudbloods. There is a smell that seeps threw the walls...it makes me sick. I have no need to fear any death eaters, why should I suffer in here when a new decade is being created and I can see none of it. (He laughs) You can taste the fear, it almost makes up for this toucher.

He closes his journal, with a sigh.

waiting.((join in))

Lisa walked in and looked around. Hogwarts looked nothing like her old school in Germany. It was not be named around other students, because it was a very private school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She sighed and sat down on one of her bags. 'I wonder where the Slytherin Common Room is..' she thought. She had recieved a letter telling her she was sorted into Slytherin. 'Oh thanks, don't help me. Lousy stupid...' she mumbled off to herself.
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After Practice

Theo took a shower and was now redressed, Quidditch practice had run over his usual dinner time so he decided to head over a bit late to get some food. He strolled down the hallway hands stuffed in his pockets, coming down from a flyers high. It started to rain a little bit and Theo decided it was a good time to go outside, he walked out the doors and into the rain drops. he looked up to the sky and closed his eyes....
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Touring around.

Lisa walked out of the Slyhterin Dungeons and started to walk around. She walked right outside into the rain and walked to the Quidditch Pitch.'I'm going to try out for sure.' she thought. She sat down outside near the lake it was raining but she didn't care.
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((open to anyone))

Seamus took his camera and went outside to get some shots of the raindrops that have slowed and are now dripping on the leaves, he decided they would look really good as a back ground too a couple posing shots of the Kenmare Kestrals. He started thinking of being an advertiser for Different wizarding magazines and posts. The thought of becoming famous filled his head "wicked" he said just grinning looking at the trees
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Jersey sat in an empty classroom, lying on the teacher's desk and staring at the ceiling. In her fingers she held a joint. She was almost out of weed. She sighed and rubbed her forehead with her other hand. She hated being stuck in one place for so long. She had found out that something she had helped put into action back in Vancouver was backfiring and all those who had trusted her were being killed off. She took a deep hit from her joint and held the smoke in her lungs for a bit before letting it out with a sigh.

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Justin was a bit lost in the castle he was getting homesick , he wasn't sued to being inside al day , when he was at home he spend his whole summer out in the garden , he decided on taking a walk outside , when he heard a noise and turned around ...

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Daphne was lounging around the common room. She had finished all her assignments (like a good girl) and was quite frankly bored. So, she decided to do something she rarely did: lie around with a copy of Teen Witch Weekly.

[open to any Slytherin]
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Open to All

Lisa was getting bored of the common room. She decided she'd like to go and just...meet people? Maybe. She walked down the many, many sets of stairs the portraits questioning her as she passed and the ghosts waving and nodding in delight. After awhile they all seemed to have fallen asleep or left, which left her all alone.
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