July 11th, 2004

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Tonight was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, the moon was waning and the stars seemed so bright they were trying to fight to see who could be brightest in the sky. Siobhan smiled to herself as she set up her small Muggle telescope and opened a small, leather bound book.

She sat herself down on the ground and aimed the telescope in the direction of a black hole she had discovered a few nights ago. Even as intent as she was on the telescope, and on taking notes on the stellar phenomenon, her acute senses were trained to the area around her. She knew there were rabbits about 100 yards away, both their heartbeats fast and steady. She also heard another heartbeat. Slower, louder. Human. The scent was downwind from her but she kept aware. They would probably just walk past her, paying no notice to the Professor sitting in the grasses surrounded by parchment and tools.
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it's me!

Anyone out there?

Parvati got up and sighed. She looked around to make sure her best friend, Lavendar Brown was busy then quickly got up and headed out of the common room door. She quickly walked up the path that she knew so well up to the astronomy tower. She sadly sighed once she reached the top veiwing the beautiful night sky. As she sat down she heard footsteps behind her, ignoring them until...

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Sitting silently in the Ravenclaw Common Room, Cho decided to wonder off. She roamed slowly threw the halls, while the pictures turned to look at her. It was nearing the dance, she wasn't excited for the least. 'Why's it so important?' she wondered.'I wouldn't have anyone to go with If I did go, and what would I do?' Then, in the distance there was something on the ground it looked like parchment and Cho advanced quickly to pick it up. She bent over and began to open the tightly rolled up parchment. Then something broke the silence.
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Glorie went outside the Ravenclaw commonroom and paused. Smelling fresh air she stretched. 'Now where to find some good people' she thought to herself. 'Maybe I can take a stroll to the lake, it's always pretty this time of evening.' She was softly humming to herself as she headed towards the lake. She scanned to find a good place to sit and watch the water. "This spot looks good." She said to herself sitting down. 'I guess I'll forget about the social interaction until later.' She thought sadly. Then she heard a rustle behind her...
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Open to one and all

Ginny just found out that she wouldn't be able to go to the dance that was to be held soon because of reasons beyond her power. Decideing she needed some alone time she made her way out side the castle tot he lake where she sat and skipped rocks across the surface, "Stupid crappy, bloody, crappy, sucks," she said alot to herself to mad to use proper grammar. She then sighed and took a deep breath. Pulling her knees up to her chest and putting her head on her knees, she closed her eyes, "Probably jsut gonna be a stupid dance anyway, girls making ninnies out of themselves all dresed up for nothing adn the guys oogling them like the pigs that they are... I wouldn't really like the dance if I went...yah, I don't want to go anyway...yah..." She tried to convince herself of this, but with her eyed closed, she pictured herself dancing with the boy she had wanted to go with since the idea of the ball first started, her in some finery of a dress and he in a sharp dark suit looking very daper and smart.

She shook her head getting rid of these thoughts and sighed, looking out towards the lake once more, deep in thought.
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I wuv irish people

Seamus had been hanging out with Dean Thomas that afternoon, Seamus was busy taking pictures and Dean was sketching them "they are so brilliant" he thought to himself, Flicking through his photos he started to think "man i could make a killing if i kept this up" he smiled to himself when a wad of paper was thrown at his head "oi" he said rubbing his head and turning "what the heck was that for?"
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