July 10th, 2004


Hmmmmm Go Go Go Hannah

Hannah left from her dance lessons which were held by a student in the building since she couldnt go to her usual dance specialist at home. She held her gym bag in one hand and one of her many pairs of dancing shoes in the other as she climbed the steps towards Hufflepuff tower. Usually this is where Ernie would meet her half way and they would laugh and talk all the way to the common room but as it has been for the past 3 weeks the hall was empty. She sighed ... "i guess you really dont like being my best friend after all" she whispered and the paintings watched her as she passed.
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Walking back from the hospital wing with his broken hand bandaged up Theo decided it was time to get his mind off his Ex and move onto more pressing matters, he looked at the clock and decided to go for another walk outside, he did have an hour before curfew so why not?
The slid around filch and walked right past Snape who of course never bothered slytherins and walked out the front doors towards the Forbidden Forest, which he had an abnormal curiousity with.
"When someone says keep out it just makes me want to go more" hed always say laughing with his friends.
but tonight he made the trip alone...
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Trying to be more creative and not as stuffy as she has been she decided to go to a empty room and attempt to paint but as she sat there looking at the blank canvas she figured writing was what she would wind up doing anyway. So leaving her canvas and paints she sat at a desk and started to write..

grains of sand they fall on me as if an hour glass i cant see
the time it changes rearranges all that i once knew
and with each day dawning im returning to the places that i once drew
The darker evening so decieving dwelling in these hollows i will never be...

Padma looked out the window onto the ground movement was everywhere, she thought about how close she and her sister once were, how everything seemed so normal the year before, but who changed it? were they supposed to grow appart like this? The dementors were moving quicker now it seems they could feel something, a prescence a happy light dwindling... she turned away as she heard footsteps.
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Glorie walked out of Hogwarts and looked for a good place to sit. She walked over to a tallish tree and sat at it's base. Taking out the new potions book her mother got her she opened it. Taking in the new book smell that she adored so much she smiled. Suddenly she decided that maybe she didn't want to read, but no one else wanted to talk to her. Sighing she leaned up against the tree. Putting the book down she rested her eyes.
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He sat writting in the journal that all the students were given to track their thoughts and movements, dumbledore thought it was a genius idea, most of the slytherins thought it was a way to keep a sharper eye on them.

he wrote
~Nothing really even matters anymore this whole place has gone nutz with this dance and Pansy is acting weird towards me. Theo is running around like a git doing merlin knows what with merlin knows who. And now i am sitting at the base of this ruddy statue wishing i was home where i wouldnt have to deal with all this childish nonsense..~

he ended his writing and the book sealed because he heard someone coming from around the corner
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pretty // rpg_icons GJ

open for Isa's arrival

Isabella stood in the center of a large corridor, several large suitcases at her feet, and two more smaller bags in her hands. She looked up and around trying to figure out exactly where she was supposed to be going. Muttering to herself in French, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a hand drawn map. According to it, she should be standing in front of the Gryffindor entrance. Instead all that was in front of her was a large window. She knew she shouldn't have waited for those staircases to move. Now she was completely lost. Not a great way to start off at a new school.

She picked up her bags and tried to move back in the direction she was coming from. She saw someone up ahead and called out to them. "Pardon moi, can you please assist me in finding my way to my common room?"
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Another summon that he left ignored underneath the sleeve, which hid the immoral seal that symbolized his chain to serving the Dark Lord, left Professor Severus Snape feeling quite irritable, uncomfortable and most of all fearful of what’s to come in the near future. Countless times had he directed his attention back to the past and pinpointing the main events where he went wrong, and if it hadn’t been for those wrong turns, which he gratefully took mind you, he wouldn’t be in this excruciating mess that would either lie death or redemption for him. His cares for the outcome of the war were left behind a long time ago, now he wasn’t concerned if Fate wanted to ruin more of his life and end it right then and now. Slowly and silently padding down the dimly lit hallways of the school, the Potions Master was doing his second job: Patrolling the halls and see to that no students were off doing anything inappropriate at this hour. Filch may held that position, but there were places where he didn’t check, leaving Snape to check those particular locations and a few times he did catch a student or two commencing something wicked and foul. A pinch of searing pain came directly from his dark mark, and this time it was more agonizing yet he had to keep a straight face on, forcing himself not to take account that it was there…he had to pay no attention towards it.

Suddenly, as if on cue, he heard footsteps…
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(oh theos info is updated explaining why he can feel thoughts though he is still mediocre at it)

it was getting late and out of boredom Theo decided to go up and do his astronomy chart he need for both Sinistras class and for the frauds class.. Theo couldnt understand how anyone could even like Divination... "waste of time" he growled throwing a crumpled up piece of paper onto the floor near an empty waste paper basket. Theo opened the window a bit and hung his legs into the cool night air, it was then that he felt someone who was sad or upset approaching their thoughts very apparent. He turned towards the door...
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happy or laughing

Open to Gryffindors

Isabella walked into her new common room. She had finally finished unpacking all of her things up in her dormitory. She had decided that she would need to see someone first thing in the morning about getting her some more closet space. She shivered in the cool air. She hadn't been prepared for the cooler weather. She moved toward the couch closest to the fire. She was wearing her favorite lavender silk nightgown. It had thin straps holding it up, her matching robe packed in the last box she was still waiting for.

She sat down on the couch and pulled a blanket across her bare legs. She leaned her cheek against her fist and started at the glowing flames, feeling bored and lonely in this big new place.
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