July 9th, 2004

Yay flitwick ish cool

Heading to the great hall he grinned, Dumbledore had made lists of the things teachers are responsible for during the up and coming masquerade. Flitwick was of course incharge of the Decorations and Professor Sprout was supposed to help him with the festivities. They had always gotten along swimmingly. Snape was in charge of security and Professor Lupin was incharge of refreshments. The thought of Severus in charge of food and drink made him shudder and he knew it was best if Remus was to do it.

Flitwick made his way over to the teachers table and sat down, humming a merry tune to himself and trying to imagine the hall after it was done being decorated. this was the best way for him to get ready for the future was to imagine how bright it can be.
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Relatively Happy ((join in :)))

Lavender was sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room staring into the fire. Although it was of course a nice day outside she sat inside staring intently at the fire. She then remembered that she had un-finished homework to do. She grabbed her book of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and began to read one of the chapters for Care of Magical Creatures. She was reading when she heard someone come in. She turned around and there was...
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((Any takers?))

Sitting in the back of the common room, His black boots on the table leaning back in a chair Theodore looked around the basically empty room and yawned "nothing happens in this friggin castle" he said as he leaned back somemore and closed his eyes and began to drift off into a nap... the fire crackling nicely was the only sound he heard... but then soft footsteps he opened one of his forest green eyes... and saw....????
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... sometimes you have to get away from the idiots

The prattling of the mindless was starting to wear on his ever thinning nerves, Draco decided to go for a walk outside of the castle instead being cooped up with imbeciles. Walking out of the entrance of the dim castle into the sunlight hurt his gray eyes a bit. Draco blinked enough to be able to see and he put his head down as he walked over towards the forbidden forest... he didnt care much for rules he decided to go for a walk in there even if it was only the outer edges.. He knew if there were any death eaters around they wouldnt dare harm a hair on his blonde head.
"this dance thing is a pointless exercise in making us hang around eachother" he mumbled as he continued to walk... he hated dances
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Forgotten is better sometimes.(anyone?)

Cho walked calmly inside Hogwarts, she was earlier outside doing her Charms homework. She was heading for the Ravenclaw common room. It was starting to get dark outside, that was the reason why she came in. She headed up another flight of stairs until someone but their hands on her shoulder. She froze, she didn't know if she wanted to turn around or not. With the Death Eaters and all she wasn't sure to think of this. 'Who is it?' she thought to herself. The hand grasped tightly on to her shoulder, she turned around and ...??
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In the Common Room

He couldnt believe that after all of this practicing he has been doing he cant make a patronus like potter.... He was smarter better looking and had more power then potter, hell he came from a Pureblood line....and yet, nothing his came only as a thin fizzle of light "Damn it" he said angrilly as he slammed the book he was currently holding closed "no good gryffinwhore... i dont know how he bloody did it but..." he growled under his breath.. he hated him more now then he did when they first met...
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Daphne was heading out of the library when she realized she had forgotten the Potions book she needed to complete her assignment. She rushed back inside to retrieve her book, but instead found it in someone else's hands..
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Justin just finished his book , when he noticed the common room was empty.So he decided to take a walk , not knowing where he would end up he just walked through the halls , when he suddenly heard footsteps and turned around to see ....
cheerful, happy, smile


Dean had finally gotten around to breaking out the new coloured pencils that he'd found in Hogsmeade. Realistic Colour and Movement! Guaranteed Lifelike Art! the package advertised, and Dean wasn't about to pass something like that up. Having bought them, Dean hadn't had a chance to use them until that night.

Bearing a pad of paper and his new treasure, he made his way down to the Gryffindor Common Room and sat down on his favourite couch. After a few minutes of ogling their still-sharp tips, he finally began to sketch a picture of Victoria Frobisher who was sitting sideways in an armchair, reading a book. He got so into his work that he didn't notice someone coming up behind him until a shadow fell across his drawing. "Like what you see?" he asked without looking up.
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