July 8th, 2004



Classes may be run with full of excitement and enjoyment, however, when it came down to a precise class, Potions, there was to expected of only obedience, silence, and of course cooperation within the dungeon walls. And if you failed to meet of one of those requirements, consequences were to be faced by the famous Potions Master, Severus Snape or every student refers him as Professor Snape. Now since this was some sort of a summer course, and quite new to Severus, he made sure every cauldron was clean and ready to be used, tables set up in the correct fashion, seats in order, and of course glanced over at the ingredients and the procedure of what potion they were to be concocting today. Draught of the Living Death and Wit-Sharpening Potion
Was today’s potions to be made by the students…Professor Snape doubted most of the students would actually follow the steps -carefully- and would somehow injure themselves…most he didn’t care for and besides, Madam Pomfrey was always there and dependable to mend the wounded, heal the injured, and all that rubbish that yearned for him to hurl unconditionally inside. Now? Now he was waiting for the students to flood into the classroom and sit down without being told…this wasn’t going to be a happy night for him. Psh, as if he had any in his whole blood-tainted life.
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