July 7th, 2004

Off to the lake we go

Finally done studying and helping students for the day Padma goes and grabs her towel from her room and changes into her bathing suit and puts her robes over them, She finishes getting read and slides down the banister too the common room. Walking out of the portrait hole and out of the entrance to the lake. The walk towards the water was pleasant and warm on her skin, she smiled letting all of her stress float away. Once she got to the shore of the lake she put her towel out on one side and took off the top robes revealing a blue and bronze bathing suit with the ravenclaw symbol on the left side.

she stepped up to the water and dove in her black hair flowing with the jets of liquid as if fluid itself. she came back out of the water and noticed movement by the bank, she blinked the water from her blurry eyes and noticed......

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Home sweet hell

Draco had recieved anothe owl from his mum, the owl this time told of all the things that awaited him when he returned home.. when ever that was, they were looking for a bride for him. He shuddered, "no free will" he mumbled as he crunched the letter in his hand, his eyes burned with anger... his fathers influence was still strong which meant that he will end up marrying someone completely wrong for him. His father was cruel and although Draco bragged about him, he was kinda fearful of his wrath... he was an obidient son.. through everything. He learned never to talk back to him, his mother taught him early on to hold his tongue, but would he always be able too?
Thoughts swirling through his head he walked towards the great hall trying to think straight.... "what the hell am i going to do" was the only words he could mutter
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((Group participation ^^ eveyone please join in and get to know your fellow rpers))

She ran towards the great hall because dinner was starting and she didnt want to be late to something again that day. Entering the halls entrance she walked over to the hufflepuff table which was full of people already, she looked over at justin who had save her a seat, she waved and walked over "have you seen ernie?" she asked smiling as she slid into the chair?
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((Any takers?))

Sitting ouside under a willow tree, was Ginny and a stack of books and random other papers. She was trying to piece together some good tutoring material for the students she was helping with transfigurations and also doing some needed homework at the same time. While working on this and that she thought she heard something and she looked about to see what/who it was.
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