July 6th, 2004


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After dinner she noticed it was around 5 o'clock and decided to take a walk, she turned to her friends and waved to them all saying she'd see them in the common room in an hour before heading out of the G. Hall.

After afew minutes she made it outside and onto the quidditch pitch. She climbed the stairs into the Gryffindor stands and took a seay putting her feet up on the bench infront of her. She smiled and closed her eyes enjoying the wind blowing against her face. "Nothing better then the feeling of wind in your face." She whispered to herself and then laughed a little, being in a very good mood.
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When the Gryffindor dorm was quiet that night, Ron sat up quickly and threw a pillow at Harry's bed. He heard a soft "humph" and he knew he'd connected with his target. Ron jumped out of bead, confident Harry would soon join him and pulled a shoe box out from under his bead. When he meat Harry in the middle of the room, he grinned widely. "Ready for a little fun?"
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Daphne was sitting in the common room, her homework spread out in front of her. She placed her quill down on the table and sat back against the cool leather of the couch. She glanced at the entrance to the common room, hoping one of her friends would come in and save her from her assignments.
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