July 5th, 2004

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Daphne pushed her books into her bag and hurried out of the Potions classroom. She wasn't late for anywhere, she was just in a rush to get to the common room. She had been looking down at the ground so of course she didn't notice someone coming the other direction. She only noticed them when she bumped into whoever it was and her books spilled onto the floor.

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Bordem on a summer day

Ginny was done with her classes for the day and decided to grab her broom and her club and head out to the pitch for some practice. On her way there she asked Madame Hooch for the use of a bludger to practice with which she allowed as long as Ginny returned it to it's proper place. Once she got everything together she flew off into the area above the pitch and let lose the bludger ready for some good ol' beater practice.
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((open to anyone))

Draco was done helping professor snape with some extra assignments and was sent to assist some students in the courtyard, he really didnt know why in merlins name he was being subjected to assisting these nuisances. He only did it because professor snape claimed it was only so he wouldnt have to continue to preach to those hopeless imbeciles. But still he had no idea who he was meeting to study with and he walked into the courtyard, his whiteish blonde hair ruffled in the breeze... thats when he heard the voice and turned around to meet...
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Charms Class ((everyone can participate.... figure get some group board postage))

Standing in the front of the classroom on his usual stack of books Professor Flitwick watched them all curiously.

"well i am sorry to say that all of your summer plans have been smudged but very pleased to see such a great turn out. if anyone of you have decided skivving off my classes was going to be easy please think again, i am fair but i am also just and i would like an actual written excuse from a fellow teacher or madam pomfrey if you are not able to attend class"

he went on to lecture on different floating spells and more on summoning charms answering questions along the way when there was a disturbance in the back of his room.

"excuse me, is there a problem?" he asked curiously too the students making the racket
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So this is life

She ran towards her first class, over slept she couldnt believe it and it was potions of all things... she got to the door.... "locked" she tried an unlocking charm... no such luck, she shook her head in disbelief "im going to have a detention..." she walked back towards the library and sat in a corner "my goodness what on earth have i been thinking lately?" she asked the stacks....
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