July 3rd, 2004

Too the library

Holding her books tightly in her hands Padma made her way down the stairs towards the library. She helped a couple students find their proper summer course classrooms and headed to study for her tutoring session with a couple 3rd year hufflpuffs. Her steps quickened on her way to the library she had a couple charms books out too long and she feared it was going to be neck and madam pinces detention. Hurrying she notices more students acting out of turn 2 from slytherin hexing a gryffindor. "detention" she said looking at them both taking 10 points from slytherin from each and taking the gryffindor to the hospital wing. "guess im not going to bring these books back today after all" she said to herself after walking back from the hospital wing.
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    Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution