July 2nd, 2004

An announcement


It was nearing the end of dinner and Albus was just finishing up a conversation with Minerva. When the plates cleared Dumbledore stood up. The usual silence swept over the hall.

"I know you all are all set to head off to bed to your nice warm beds, but I beg you to bear with me for a moment as I have some important announcements to make," he started. "As you know, the minister feels yet again that it is necessary to have Dementors posted at every entrance of Hogwarts for your safety from escaped death eaters and Lord Voldemort." There was a ripple of fear from a lot of the students when he said Voldemort's name that most of them didn't note the hint of bitterness in his voice as he talked about the dementors, but he continued in his normal calm tone. "As I've told Cornelius, I hardly believe that this is a comfort to any of us, but he's very persistent. Just being the headmaster that I am, I cannot over-rule a Ministers order. Because of this and for your safety, I must ask you not to wander to Hogwarts grounds after six O'clock for security reasons. After that time the Castle doors will be shut and locked.

"On a happier note, Hogwarts will have a summer Masquerade as a bit of a celebration. The date at which this will be held is yet to be announced, but keep a sharp eye on the bulletin board located in the entrance hall for more information later. Well, it's late so I'll let you carry on to your dormitories. Good night!" Dumbledore said sitting back down and watching the students exit while talking closely to their friends, mostly about Dumbledore's announcements.
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