Fred & George Weasley (wheezes_owners) wrote in _swish_n_flick,
Fred & George Weasley

Open to all sixth year students.

It looked like rain again today outside 93 Diagon Alley and once more Fred and George had cheerfully left "Weasley's" in the care of their long time friend, Lee Jordan (who had been working there ever since the twins were hired on to teach flying in the mornings at Hogwarts.) This particular morning class happened to be with the sixth year students, Slytherin and Gryffindor first period, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw in second period. After all that they'd be sure to make a quick stop by The Great Hall as to unceremoniously shove some lunch quickly into their mouths. And after that, well... they weren't too sure, perhaps they would make a brief stop by (the roped off section of) the corridor on the fifth floor of the east wing... Ah, memories... How on earth... Or perhaps why on earth we're they ever given a position of authority here at Hogwarts anyhow? Sweet Merlin's Beard! They were drop outs! And they dropped out by summoning (and riding away on) their brooms no less! And now they were teaching other students how to ride brooms? Did anyone else see this as a liability? The best answer for that either of them could come up with was that Dumbledore always did have a good sense of humor and that he'd probably enjoy seeing a few of the more unruly students properly put in their place.

"With a departing wave toward Lee, Fred stepped out of the doorway and turned to George who followed suit, shutting the door behind him...

Once they had apparated as close to Hogwarts as they could, Fred was the first to speak. "So what did you come up with for today's lesson plan...?" He asked as they started to walk toward school grounds.

"What did I come up with!?" George grimaced, "You said you would take care of the lesson plan if I tidied up the shop last night, don't tell me I put on that apron for nothing!"

"So that's why you were doing that, I thought you just liked cleaning charms... A lot, honest mistake George."

George just glared at his brother for a minute and noticed the small flicker in Fred's eye that was present any time he was pulling someone's leg. "Fred..."

"Yes, yes -- it's all ready" admitted Fred, he cleared his throat haughtily and in a mock-Hooch voice said, "Today we will be revising the finer points of the Speelman Steal and it's uses in practical situations."

"See there, now that wasn't so hard, was it!"

With one half of the duo decidedly much more relieved, the twins had arrived at the Quidditch Pitch. Once they had retrieved their school brooms from the Gryffindor broom shed they waited for their class to arrive...

((I'm still so new here -- so I'm not too sure if they actually should be teaching sixth years flying, however should they be allowed I'll try to keep up on taking at least one class a week ^_^ Also, if I've happened to step out of line in some other way please let me know, thanks!))
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