_blaise_z (_blaise_z) wrote in _swish_n_flick,

*Sitting in the great hall alone at the Slytherins table, Blaise sits.   He moves his arms up and begins to rest his head on his elbows, with his hands covering his mouth.    He slowly closes his eyes and rubs them with his hands. Taking in a deep breath as he moves his hand to pick up a quill. Opening his journal he begins to write. *

How can they keep us here? It's like a prison full of mudbloods. There is a smell that seeps threw the walls...it makes me sick. I have no need to fear any death eaters, why should I suffer in here when a new decade is being created and I can see none of it. (He laughs) You can taste the fear, it almost makes up for this toucher.

He closes his journal, with a sigh.
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