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OPEN..... im wicked bored

Standing in the stacks of the restricted section holding a pass, she got off Lupin, Jubilee flicked through some Dark Arts books. He seemed to have interest in her and her skills with defusing the curses, spells and hexes shot at her. She was learning at a quick pace when it came to the Dark Arts and their management.
Satisfied with her findings, Jubilee strolled towards the entrance and headed out of the library. Turning the corner she saw someone hex another down to the ground. Shooting a disarmament charm at the one boy his wand flew across the hall. "Hey pick on someone your own size" she said intensity in her eyes. The boy picked up his wand and bolted away. "You ok?" she asked what she found to be a little first year girl from hufflepuff. Helping her up the girl thanked her and ran towards her house.
Jubilee was about to start walking when she heard clapping from behind her. "Good performance" she heard them say, turning she found...........
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