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A soft scratch at her window, woke Tonks with a start. Standing up and going to the window in her office she unlatched it and felt the cold wind blowing outside. Fall was coming, and the poor bird looked worse then it anticipated. Letting her have the letter she brought it over to where her own owl usually sleeps and let it drink and eat its fill.

Opening the letter gave her the second startled reaction all morning, which mind you has just started. The letter was from the Ministry, it told her soon they will need her for several unnamed operations. She was not to mention it to anyone not even loved ones. Dumbledore had already been informed and the students will think she is going on a trip for a couple weeks.

She sat there in stunned silence, then she walked over and got ready to teach. She didnt have to leave for another week she would be fine, but a heavy weight was now on her heart. What do i say to Mike? was the only things she thought.

Walking out of the room showered, dressed in blue jeans and a pink wool sweater Mrs. Weasley had knitted her, Tonks made her way to the Great Hall for breakfast, her usual smile replaced by worry and saddness.
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